April 2015

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Metro Edmonton *

 Qtr. 1 2014

 Qtr. 1 2015

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* Source Edmonton MLS System Edmonton, Sherwood Park & St Albert 

Are you waiting it out? Hoping that the metro Edmonton home market will crash and that you can pick up a bargain perhaps later this this year or next year? My advice? Don’t wait!

Despite what you may have heard in the media, the Edmonton area real estate market

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At this time of the year in Edmonton many people contemplate the possibility of firing their landlord and buying their first home.

The current glitch in the Alberta economy is making some potential buyers second guess themselves. Are you one of these people? Are you wondering if your job is secure? Whether you pay rent or a mortgage, it’s still a commitment you must face, so it might not matter about your job security, at least in the long term.

And what about home and condo values? Are you hoping that they will crash? Not likely. Just a few days ago, I compared values for Edmonton area homes sold 30 days back with the same period in 2014. Guess what? Values were still 2.75% UP on the same time last year.

Owning over Renting - The Cons


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Tina need to sell her home quickly due to some life changes, but she did not have very much equity. She wanted top quality advice and results, but could not afford to pay a traditional REALTORS® high commissions. The Ambergate Realty Advisors program was an excellent choice for her. Tina received the very best advice, top class marketing, but paid a fraction of what she might have been charged elsewhere.


How did things go? Our program created 4 offers, we negotiated full market value for Tina and saved her several thousand dollars in commissions.
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Piotr and Alimiada had tried working with a traditional REMAX REALTOR® and with Comfree. In both cases, they had failed to find a suitable buyer for their home in Cameron Heights. They desperately needed to sell so that they could move onto the next stage of their lives enjoying a peaceful retirement in British Columbia. In the end, they turned to Ambergate Realty Advisors.


We put our exclusive marketing program into action. We generated multiple offers and eventually sold the home direct to a purchaser. And the best part? We saved Piotr and Alimiada more than $13,500 in real estate commissions.

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Most real estate buyers don’t think about it. They start looking at homes or investments with someone they know and like, or perhaps just ran into, and end up purchasing through them.

I expect many buyers would tell me that working with a Realtor® is free when purchasing. This is not true.

Hidden inside every listing placed on our MLS® System is a commission offered out to the Realtor® that can find a buyer. You might be thinking, "So what?" This arrangement is troubling and for 4 reasons:

  • It will most likely be you that finds the home or investment you wish to see, not the Realtor®.
  • The Realtor® you are working with is representing you. How can they ethically receive money from the seller? Is this not a conflict of interest?
  • The
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