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Perhaps you are sitting on the side lines wondering if you should buy a home now or later. Here are 3 reasons why you should do it now.

1.  More Choice

At the end of January 2019 there was around 400 MORE single family homes for sale than this time last year. If you want to be picky in selecting your next home this could be the time to shop around.

2.  Lower Prices

At the end of January 2019 single family homes sold on average for around $390,000 DOWN by 11% over the same time last year. Condos sold for about 6% LESS than in January 2018 for an average price of $220,000.

You should also know that in most years, prices climb until about July when they start to soften a little bit. These low prices will not continue.

3.  Lower Interest

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If you are like most home buyers, you will get caught up in the excitement of selecting your next home. Your list of things you want to get will be long. And expensive!

We recommend that you try and get grounded as quickly as you can. There’s no point in looking at homes with swimming pools and tennis courts when the reality is that your budget or needs are quite different. Here are some simple steps we hope you can use to get from dreaming to owning in the least stressful way.

1.  Set Your Budget

Have you determined what level of monthly payment you can afford? Have you factored in the cost of taxes, utility bills and maintenance? Have you secured mortgage approval? Do this first!

 2.  Decide Where Not What

First you must decide where

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If you have been thinking about purchasing a condominium either as a home or investment, this could be the time to do so. Average selling prices are DOWN by 4% when compared to 2017. Let’s discuss why.

The Edmonton residential real estate market has been flooded this past 18 months with excess inventory and in particular condominiums. If you buy now you will enjoy a ton of choice and you will have exceptional leverage to negotiate a REALLY GOOD DISCOUNT.

What might happen if you wait?

We are already seeing many condos come off the market as owners realise that they are not going to get the price they hoped for. As the excess inventory dries up, you will have less choice and YOU WILL PAY MORE.

If Downtown Edmonton appeals, you can go to

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The journey to find a new home can be exciting. Its also time consuming and nerve racking. A lack of preparation on your part could also result in you either missing that dream home when it comes into the market, or your offer being rejected by the seller. Please review these tips and you will enjoy success.

1.  Find a REALTOR® to help You

With so much information available on the internet it’s tempting to try and go it alone. After all you can scour the market for listings in seconds on the internet and surely, it’s as easy as just calling the listing agent and making an appointment isn’t it? We suggest you think again. There are many compelling reasons to consider getting your own representation. Please read this blog for more details: 6

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If your money is tight it might be tempting to think about skipping the home inspection. We do not recommend this. Adding the home inspection stage to your home purchase process is a wise step.

1. They Know More Than You Do

You may be a journeyman electrician plumber, or some other trade, but respectfully we doubt you know more about home construction than our inspectors do. The inspectors we work with are hand-picked and they have inspected literally hundreds of homes. Their report will give you a ‘second pair of eyes’.

2. A Home is a Complex Machine

When you fall in love with a particular home its tempting to view it through a ‘rose tinted pair of glasses’. You love it and that’s all that matters right? Your inspector is going to bring

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Are you thinking about buying a home? Its an exciting and often overwhelming process for many people, especially first-time home buyers or even for seniors who have been in their homes for many years. Perhaps in both cases the impending change is extremely daunting and stressful. Here are some tips you may find helpful and that will hopefully reduce your anxiety.

The internet has made your search easier than ever before. However, the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming. Therefore, we suggest you consider the following factors first:

1.  When Do You Want to Move?

If you don’t expect to purchase your new home for a few months or years yet, be kind to yourself. There’s no point in getting excited about homes that are currently for

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Many home buyers particularly first-time home buyers are drawn to new homes and its easy to understand why. Nobody but you will have lived in the home and in some cases, you can tell the builder what you would like to have included in the specification. Other people are drawn to ‘pre-owned’ or resale homes. In this blog we examine the pros and cons of each option.

New Homes

Pros: Buying a new home, particularly if you can have some input into the design process, may be the closest you will ever get to owning that perfect home. All the materials that go into your new home will be new and therefore maintenance should be minimal at least for the first 5 to 10 years.

In most cases, the overall design of the home will suit your modern lifestyle

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What Would a Lawyer Say?

Many of our clients ask at what point they bring a lawyer into the process of buying or selling a home. Ask many lawyers this question and they suggest you bring them into the process as quickly as possible.

In some regards this makes sense as they are simply being protective of you the client.

What Do We Say?

Until you have a contract to purchase or sell a home, there’s really nothing to protect and as most lawyers charge by the hour, having a lawyer review every single document or consult with you on each step of the process could be expensive.

If you have chosen your REALTOR® carefully, they will help you take care of drafting a properly worded contract that gets you what you want. Lawyers sometimes forget

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At Ambergate Realty Advisors we help many Edmonton area home buyers each year search for and move into wonderful homes, both single family and condos.

Are you serious about buying a home? Do it in the week, do it during the day. Be first.

One thing that we constantly face is home buyer complacency. Many of the clients we work with initially want to see homes when they are not at work. This normally means evenings and weekends. This approach has several downsides for you and we suggest you start thinking a little differently.

Here are 4 reasons why you should shop for homes during the day, in the week:

1. You See the Home More Realistically

Want to shop for home in the evening? Depending upon the time of the year this could be big

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1. The service is readily available so why not use it?

Here in the metro Edmonton market its quite normal for home buyers to start a relationship with a REALTOR® to help them sleuth out ALL homes for sale. The good REALTORS® will also help you to identify homes that are not even on the open market. We do this all the time.                  

2. The listing REALTOR® is not working for you

It might seem smart to contact the listing REALTOR® and ask her to show you the home that she has listed for sale. You can ask direct questions and get the inside track on the home. Be aware however that the listing REALTOR® will also use this opportunity to get the inside track on you. If you tell her that you really love the home, that

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