Do you need a Realtor® to help you buy a home?

Posted by Ambergate Realty Advisors on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 at 12:17pm.

In the Edmonton area and in times gone by, it was quite normal to strike up a relationship with a Realtor®, often a family friend. They would take you touring around lots of homes until you found one you wanted to buy. And how did you find out what was for sale? Your family friend had exclusive access to the MLS® System and only they knew where to look.

The internet changed that. Today, you are going to find your next home on the internet, either at a website, or perhaps flashing across your timeline on Facebook. Making an appointment to see the home should also be easy, contact the listing agent and they will show it to you.

If you love the home, what do you do next?

You make an offer. But who will do that for you? The listing agent represents the seller, so how can they represent you? How do you avoid paying too much? Buying a dog? Who will get you financing? How can you find out the history of the home? What about a home inspection? Real Property Reports? Condo docs? Estoppel certificates? There is a lot to know!

Completing the transaction can be complicated. If you have lots of contract negotiation experience for big ticket items, a legal background and you are a great sleuther, then you will probably be fine. If not, then working with a real estate professional, or perhaps your lawyer, would be advised. Just don’t expect your lawyer to negotiate the deal for you.

And how will you pay for this service? Often buyers are under the misapprehension that working with a Realtor® is free. Not true. Usually your buyer’s agent will hope to collect a fee offered out by the seller and hidden inside the transaction. And who pays it? You do of course. It’s your money that buys the home or condo.

Is there a better way? We think so. At Ambergate Advisors you pay only for our time. What happens to the commission being handed out by the seller? We give it to you. In 2014, our buyers received not less than $8,200 in cash each, when they moved into their new home.

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We Pay You When You Move In

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