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If you are selling your home soon, it’s important that you start thinking about selecting a service provider to help you. Given the large number of homes that fail to sell each year its crucial that you pick well.

Here are some questions that you may find helpful in order to make the right choice:

1. How long have you been a REALTOR®?

Some Edmonton REALTORS® have been around for decades and rely on their reputation to win clients. Unfortunately, many of these folks have fallen way behind, in terms of understanding what type of marketing works these days. Conversely, many REALTORS® have only a few months experience. We suggest you look for someone with at least 10 years’ experience in marketing and selling many homes.

2. How many

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Are you thinking of selling a house or condo in the metro Edmonton area this year? You might want to consider doing it now.

Here’s why.

1. Less Competition – Most home sellers fall into the trap of waiting until Spring. These sellers are going to be in competition with a lot of other folks who will be putting their up homes onto the market at the same time. Be smart. Do it now and you might have the only home for sale in your neighborhood? This is a perfect opportunity to sell quickly and for full market value.

2. Quality Buyers – Buyers looking now are serious. Usually they are under some pressure to select a home and buy it quickly. If you can offer a quick possession, we can often negotiate a premium price for you.

3. You Save Time -

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If you are going to put your home up for sale, you are likely wondering how much its worth. What you might not realize is that the price you eventually sell for will be a direct result of the choices you make in 7 areas.

Let’s discuss each of them one by one:

Your Timing

How quickly can you move out?

Based on years of experience I have noticed that the best qualified buyers are almost always in a hurry. The best buyers are ‘between’ homes and anxious. The quicker you can help deliver them from this state the more attractive your home will be.

And just in case you were worried that offering immediate possession could make you homeless please don’t worry. In most cases, it takes a few weeks to find a buyer and a few more weeks to close the

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I’m originally from the United Kingdom where real estate sales commissions have always been lower than those that we find here in Canada.


REALTORS® have historically provided higher levels of service in our Edmonton market than estate agents back in the UK and in Europe generally. However, most home buyers purchase directly through the seller’s agent. Whilst our market favors buyer agents, meaning there are 2 agents to pay, commissions will likely remain higher.

On a global level, commissions are trending down. According to one study I found by Natalya Delcoure & Norm G. Miller there are only 2 markets where commission have gone up, i.e. Hong Kong and Japan where buyer brokerage has been introduced.

Here some examples of typical

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In the metro Edmonton area lots of folks just love Halloween. Perhaps it’s a family tradition? You put up those inflatable spiders, ghouls or Frankenstein like monsters on your front lawn. You festoon your windows with witch shaped stickers and some of your tricks make a loud noise.

It’s fun, isn’t it?

What if we told you that these most of these things could hurt your chances of selling your home, particularly this year when inventory levels are high and sales values are down. See our September market report for details.

Our advice?

1. Avoid obstructing the view of the home, making it scary or associating it with death, (picture  those tombstones that some folks install). These things just give the wrong impression.

2. Avoid placing

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Before you sell your home, you should learn about the distinct kinds of home buyers available to you. Together, these different buyer groups form the ‘whole’ market.

Try to think of the home sale market like a ‘layer cake’. Each layer has particular characteristics and the quality of the buyers you meet and your outcome may be affected by which layer you sell into.

We like to think of these layers as:
- Retail layer,
- Wholesale layer and
- Sub Wholesale layer

Here is a quick overview of each layer:

Retail Layer

This is the top layer of the market, where most homes and condos are sold.

In this layer, you will be exposed to the highest quality ‘retail’ buyers.

Retail buyers are expecting to see well-prepared homes, they expect to

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After many years of loving life in Canada, family commitments back in their home country of Romania forced Iilie and Cecilia to make the choice to sell up and go back to the ‘old country’.
Recouping every dollar of equity was important to them as the move back was going to be expensive.
They saw no value in paying traditional REALTORS® expensive commissions and in 2016 they purchased the ‘sell by yourself’ program available from Comfree. After 6 months of languishing on the market, Iilie and Cecilia gave up and took the house off the market.
In mid 2017 they decided to try again. They realized that the Comfree program was not going to work for them. However, they were not keen to pay over $16,000 in commissions required by many traditional

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Eileen had reached a point in her life where she needed to downsize. Eileen was not at first comfortable with the notion of working with a REALTOR® and decided to try advertising on Kijji. It quickly became apparent to Eileen that she would find the home selling process too overwhelming, without the assistance and support of a professional home selling company. Eileen researched her options and deciding to work with Ambergate Realty Advisors was an easy choice.


We created complete exposure to the market for Eileen's Cumberland two-storey. We generated many showings and identified a suitable buyer. We negotiated full market value for Eileen and saved her more than $6,000 in commissions.

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When the market slows down, we see many home and condo sellers in the Edmonton area, particularly those that have been trying to sell for a while, think about renting the home instead.

On the surface, this make lots of sense. You get to opt out of the market for a while and you receive rental income. However, for many home and condo owners this is a BIG mistake.

First, let’s consider why the home is not selling?

Fact is a well-positioned and correctly marketed home or condo, should sell in less than 60 days in ANY market. If you are not meeting with success, it’s likely because:

-          You may need more information about the market, (see the latest market report here)

-          You may need to do preparation, (see this link on

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The time has come to reap the rewards of your investment. You have spent years maintaining the property, moving tenants in and out. But now is the time to cash out.

Will this be straightforward? Perhaps you favour listing the house or condo with your tenant in place. On the surface, this makes sense. You will have income during the time that the house is on the market and hopefully someone, perhaps an investor, will just scoop it up. Right?

Unfortunately, usually only multi-family buildings with comprehensive rent rolls sell this way. You should also note that only about 50% of all houses and condos listed on the Edmonton MLS® system actually sell. This includes well prepared homes being sold by their occupants, (see this link for hints on

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