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Although sales volume was ever so slightly down in May compared to the same month last year, buyers purchased more quickly and paid a little more than they did last year. Read the details by scrolling through the report.

Sales Values:

Against the backdrop of very high inventory levels, home sellers did well in May. On average we saw home values across Edmonton increase by almost $2300. However, allowing for inflation, this is still a relative flat increase. It should also be noted that this increase was carried by single family sales. The condo market is currently over served and asking prices are being challenged.

Days on Market:

Days on market was also a pleasant surprise. Home buyers will most often take their

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bob blackburn review photo   Another wonderful review from a satisfied client. Thank you Bob.   ★★★★★ a day ago A big shout out to Stuart Neal,and his team at Ambergate Realty Advisors,we recently sold our home in south east Edmonton in a very reasonable listing time ,last year we listed with conventional real estate to try and sell our home ,120 days later we took off the market,with the help of Ambergate we sold quickly ,professionally and were very happy the final result.We would highly recommend the Ambergate team to anyone for a stress fer buying or selling experience.Thanks Stuart.
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We love it when clients appreciate our work. Thank you Shaun

Google Review 5 Stars

"I used Stuart for the sale of my property and purchase of my new property. Stuart is an excellent realtor. Extremely knowledgeable, professional and hard working. His team at Ambergate is also excellent. I used Stuart before in 2011 as well for the sale of my property. I would recommend Stuart to any buyer or seller and would use him again if needed. Excellent realtor"


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What Would a Lawyer Say?

Many of our clients ask at what point they bring a lawyer into the process of buying or selling a home. Ask many lawyers this question and they suggest you bring them into the process as quickly as possible.

In some regards this makes sense as they are simply being protective of you the client.

What Do We Say?

Until you have a contract to purchase or sell a home, there’s really nothing to protect and as most lawyers charge by the hour, having a lawyer review every single document or consult with you on each step of the process could be expensive.

If you have chosen your REALTOR® carefully, they will help you take care of drafting a properly worded contract that gets you what you want. Lawyers sometimes forget

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If you are thinking of selling a home soon, you should start thinking about how to select a REALTOR®. 

Your first approach could be to seek out the local expert for the community in which you want your home sold. 

On the surface this makes perfect sense. Maybe the ‘local expert’ has an exclusive network of buyers looking in the area. Perhaps a ‘secret sauce’ to success. 

However, if local experts ever truly existed, the internet made them redundant years ago.

The internet and social media has completely changed the way that homes are bought and sold. 

We suggest you look for a real estate company that knows how to find ALL buyers for your home. 

A firm that employs a comprehensive home selling process and employs a team of

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Eileen was such a joy to work with. Heres what she had to say about us.

"Thank you to Ambergate Realty Advisors for the recent assistance in the successful sale of our family home of 22 years!

Why Did I Choose Ambergate Realty Advisors?

As Stuart said, I listed our home on Kijiji and after having about three interested inquiries, realized that none of these were turning out, it was going to take more time than I wished to invest, not pleased with our recent realtors, I was considering using ComFree, when Stuart called and offered the same pricing as ComFree.

My belated spouse was from Wales UK.  Stuart had a similar accent and offered his condolences, listened and mentioned the same pricing as ComFree Option.  Stuart asked if and

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If you are in the market for a new home, this is the time to buy. There is a now a wide selection of homes available and you may be able to negotiate a significant discount.

Read the details by scrolling through the report.

Numbers Sold:

Perhaps the best news for sellers in April 2018 is that we saw 1131 homes sell. This confirms the overall size and strength of the market in Edmonton. However, this is the time when we look for sales volume to remain robust and perhaps even increase. There were 39 fewer sales than in 2017.

Days on Market:

Home buyers continue to take their time when selecting homes in April 2018. Average days on market increased by 2 days compared to the same time last year. Considering the much

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Once again we are pleased to offer another fine home in Highlands considered by many to be one of the best neighborhoods in Edmonton. Please click this link to see details for our latest listing. 11230 60 Street NW Edmonton.

Or click this link to see ALL homes currently for sale in Highlands. Highlands Homes for Sale

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Lymburn is in the west side of Edmonton is very popular due to its moderate prices, access to schools, shopping and recreational facilities. We have just listed another home for sale. Please click here to read the details about this exclusive listing at 7324 188 Street. 

Or if you prefer click on this link to see all homes for sale

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