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Ask most home buyers who pays the real estate commission after a sale has concluded and they will likely answer that the seller pays. Hence, they believe that the buyer brokerage service they receive is free of charge.

Ask most home sellers who pays the commission and they will say that they do. After all when they sign a mandate to list their home for sale with a REALTOR® the commission is written right into the agreement. This I would argue is a proposed charge on the transaction and that’s it.

I would like to offer an alternative view.

Most residential real estate transactions involves 4 parties.

A seller plus their REALTOR®.

A buyer plus their REALTOR®

But who brings what, to the metaphorical deal table?

The sellers bring a

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If you have been thinking about buying a home in the metro Edmonton area this could be the time to do it.

Here are 5 reasons why you might want to buy a home soon:

1.  New lending rules

Starting September 2nd, the federal government is launching a new program designed to encourage first time home buyers to enter the market (First Time Home Buyer Incentive see details here). Essentially the government is going to partner with new home buyers to help them create a down payment. This program applies to buyers with a joint income of less than $120,000 a year. In the metro Edmonton market this applies to most of us.

If you choose to use this program your budget has just increased considerably meaning you could buy a much nicer home.


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If you have had your home for sale during the summer months and not sold, it’s tempting to think about giving up. We would encourage you to stay the course. Giving up now is quite likely the wrong thing to do.

Here are 5 reasons why you should stay in the market:

1.  There is so much more life left in the market

Based on last year’s numbers, almost 4,000 homes and condos will sell before the end of the year (not including outlying areas like Sherwood Park and St Albert). This represents around 35% of ALL homes and condos sold during the year.

2.  Less competition

September is when many home sellers leave the market. Mistakenly, they assume it’s the thing to do. If you stay in the market, you will have far less competition than you

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We are pleased to recommend Ambergate Realty Advisors, and Stuart Neal for a remarkable Real Estate experience. After 50 years in our home, we wanted to downsize to a more relaxed lifestyle. In this very tough buyers market, Stuart helped us get a higher price than we had originally expected for which we are truly grateful. Stuart helped us to remain calm and always tried to help us have a positive outlook. We also appreciate the lower flat rate fee which has to be a factor for all home sellers in the current real estate market.

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After 50 years in our home we decided to downsize & we put our faith and trust with Ambergate. We started working with a Stevi Lashley who helped us find our condo in

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Jasbinder and Gurdip originally built the home in Wildrose with the intention of living in it. In the end they chose to stay on their acreage. The home was built to a very high standard and as such commanded a high price. At first Jasbinder and Gurdip tried a couple of traditional REALTORS® from within their own community. These traditional REALTORS® were unable to identify any suitable buyers. Eventually, they decided to look around for alternative service providers. They were looking for an organization that provided a high quality marketing program, an organization that knew the Wildrose market and at the same they wanted to pay lower real estate commissions. The flat fee program offered by Ambergate Realty Advisors was the obvious

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"Stuart is very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. He handled all aspects of the sale of our home with professionalism and ease. Would highly recommend Ambergate Realty Advisors."

Want more information about our lower cost FLAT FEE home selling programs? Please feel free to call our broker owner Stuart Neal at: 780-760-2014 or visit our home sellers page

Want more information about our home buying services? Please feel free to call our broker owner Stuart Neal at: 780-760-2014 or visit our website

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The number of condos sold this year was about the same as in the second quarter 2019. However, most units were selling at a 5% discount. Discounts are getting less and should continue to shrink as inventory levels come down.

Numbers Sold:

In total, around 1065 condos sold in Edmonton during the first quarter of 2019. This compares favorably with last year when 1090 condo sold. This is about the same as last year and suggests continuing strong demand. Overall the difference is less than 30 units and should not be a concern for condo sellers.

Sales Values:

For the second quarter condo homes continued to trade at a discount when compared to last year. Most condo units sold for about 5% LESS than last year, equal to an

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