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These concrete framed towers located on 104th Avenue, and just north of Jasper Avenue, here in Edmonton are situated in what remains of the city's ‘warehouse district’ sometimes known as the ‘Fourth Street Promenade’. The North tower (Icon 2) has 30 floors and the South Tower, (Icon 1) 35 floors and they are easily one of the current landmark buildings across the Edmonton downtown core. These modern towers sit atop a brick rendered lower podium that features retail and professional office space designed to fit into the general streetscape. This look works well. As the eye moves up the building, the ultra-modern glass surface towers appear to launch right out of the roof for a dramatic effect. Built by Langham Developments, Icon 1…

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Stuart was outstanding to work with. Very positive experience and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor. Very prompt and professional service and was able to seal a deal for us quickly. Thanks so much!

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Getting access to listing information is easy these days. A quick Google search and you have found a website that will give you access to almost all of the condo and house listings in the metro Edmonton area. And if you set up a search, you will get new listings pouring into your email box several times a day.

BUT – here’s the problem. Everyone can get this data. So what? You might be asking. Why is this a problem? The problem is that you will be competing against all the other buyers out there.  Rarely do sellers put their homes on the market at under market value. And if they do, what happens? You will have to act quickly and will almost always be in a multiple offer situation. Your chances of purchasing at a discount are slim.

So where is the…

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Pat and Tony had reached that point in their lives where they needed to downsize and reduce debt load. They needed to sell their current home for full market value and buy a new home as cheaply as possible. A prominent mortgage broker in Sherwood Park referred them to Ambergate Realty Advisors. Our lowest fee home sellers program and our home buyer cash back program just made sense to Pat and Tony.


We sold their Sherwood Park home in good time and for full market value. We also helped Pat and Tony buy a smaller home in Ft Saskatchewan for a good discount. We also saved them over $12,000 in real estate commissions.

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