I get it. Your existing home is too small, or you want to move somewhere else.

So you want a Realtor® to help you compile a list of dream homes and go out shopping for a new house, before even thinking about selling your old one. And when you find the right home, you will require that the seller signs a contract ‘Subject to The Sale of Existing Home’ Right? Wrong!

This is not the way to do it.

Unless you are searching for something very specific and unless you can own 2 houses simultaneously, you cannot move house this way. Here’s why:

1. The odds of you selling quickly and for full market value are not high. Only about 55% of homes listed on the Edmonton MLS® System sell in term. Why would a home seller adopt your problem, unless they…

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Metro Edmonton *

Qtr. 2 2014

Qtr. 2 2015


Number of Homes & Condos Sold




Average Prices




Days on Market



+8 days

* Source Edmonton MLS System Edmonton, Sherwood Park & St Albert

You’ve read everything online, watched television and perhaps even read in the newspaper that our economy is challenged and that house prices are coming down.

Whilst this may be true in the market from where most of this news emanates, ie. Toronto and Vancouver, I don’t think it’s true here in metro Edmonton. Quarter 2 results prove my point. Sales…

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Joanna and Mertz had tried to sell their home in Webber Greens with Comfree, but they had not been successful. They were attracted to the Ambergate Realty Advisors program because it offered the best of both worlds. Top quality advice and marketing, combined with commission savings.


The team at Ambergate Realty Advisors got to work and started to market the home. In a reasonably brief time - frame, we sold the home for 98 % of list price & saved Joanna and John more than $8500 in commissions.

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Charmaine and William spend most of their time living in the far north running a mechanical repair business. The used the condo as a resting place only when they come into town. The condo was not worth a great deal of money and therefore paying a traditional real estate commission just made no sense. Charmaine decided to try advertising on Kijji for a while. Unfortunately, the only interest she received was from predatory buyers making low ball offers, or in one case a person wanted to a do a ‘rent to own’ program. Neither of these options appealed to Charmaine and William. Hiring Ambergate Realty Advisors to do the job made sense on 2 levels. Our office was very close to this unit in Cromdale and second our lowest cost fee structure.

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Jusuf was under the gun. He and his wife had contracted to purchase a new home from Pacesetter. They desperately needed to sell this one quickly and for full market value.


We sold the house in only 28 days and negotiated 98.8% of list price. We also saved Jusuf thousands of dollars, when compared to expensive traditional REALTORS®. 

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