Want to sell your home or condo in the metro Edmonton area? Don’t fall into the trap of complacency. At this time of the year, literally hundreds of home sellers in our market quietly witness outstanding success and sell for full market value. Here’s why:

  1. Most sellers fall into the trap of thinking this a bad time to sell in the Edmonton area and they will take their homes off the market or wait to put them on the market. The result? Less competition for you.
  2. Buyers who are looking at this time of the year are serious. They might pay you a premium price if they can move in quickly.
  3. Home values go up. Based on last year’s stats, house prices in the metro Edmonton area actually went up in November due to high demand and scarcity of supply.

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Did you know that there is a honeymoon period when selling a house or condo?

In Edmonton today, creating market exposure for a home is the easy part. Over 90% of buyers are using the internet to search for a home. The internet really is your friend when advertising your metro Edmonton home for sale.

When your home listing first hits the market, all eyes will be on it. If you are positioned correctly, you should expect to see a dozen or more buyer candidates in the first 2 weeks and an offer, especially at peak home and condo selling times such as now.

It’s during the first 2 weeks that home buyers will be under extreme pressure to beat out other buyers and make really strong proposals to you.

What happens after that first 2 weeks? The…

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In spite of the market going down while my property was listed and several offers to match this trend, Stuart Neal with Ambergate Realty Advisors had excellent advice on how to manage these offers. In the end, we accepted an offer very close to the final listing price.

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I get to look inside a lot of houses in the metro Edmonton area. I’m always amazed by how little preparation some home sellers make before we show their house. We think that it’s the job of a good Realtor® to point these things out. I wonder why they don’t?

Here is our preparation check list. We think that home and condo sellers all over the world will benefit from using this simple checklist, not just those we serve in the metro Edmonton market, here in Alberta.

1. Wash the front door – and/or repaint it - Your buyer will have created an impression about your home before they even take off their shoes.

2. Wash the windows – It’s amazing how good a home looks when the windows sparkle.

3. Close your closet doors – Make your rooms look clean…

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It’s all about price! It’s all about price!

We find that too many Realtors® in the metro Edmonton market and therefore too many consumers fixate on pricing when attempting to sell a house or condo. This is far too simplistic.

At Ambergate Advisors we have identified 8 key components that make up your ‘value proposition’. And if you correctly focus on these components, you will positively affect the price you ultimately receive. You will get more money! Some of these components that we describe as ‘goodies’ are discussed in the next few paragraphs. To find out what all 8 components are please call us.

What is the difference between price and value?

Think of it this way.

  • Price is the amount of money a buyer is prepared to give up, to…

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If you are like many home, condo or investor real estate sellers in the metro Edmonton market, you are looking for the most effective way to sell. And as an aside why not also get a discount on commissions?

The internet has ensured it’s never been easier to advertise for buyers and to expose your home or property to the widest possible market. It might be tempting therefore to try and ‘skip the middle man‘ and try to sell direct.

However, what you might not realize is that the real estate market has ‘layers’. Each layer has certain characteristics and the quality of your outcome may be directly affected by which layer you choose to market into.

I like to think of these layers as: Retail, Wholesale and Sub wholesale. 

Let’s examine the…

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