Most weekends during the selling season it’s possible to drive through some of the more popular communities in the metro Edmonton area and see Open House signs every other block.

I often wonder why. Open Houses are NOT an effective way of selling homes. Why? Technology has made it extremely easy to obtain almost perfect exposure to market.

According to an annual survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in 2013, buyers found their home by using the following methods:

  • Found Online – 43%
  • Buyer Agents – 33%
  • Drive by a Yard Sign – 9%
  • Social Media etc. – 13%

If a seller intelligently employs this information, they will achieve around 98% market exposure. Open Houses do not even factor. Why do some real estate…

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Stuart was great to deal with! He guided me well through the process and gave me lots of encouragement. I had expected not to sell it in the fall, but he was encouraged me to keep it listed which was what allowed it to sell when a lot of people gave up and took theirs off the market. It sold in six months for 98% of the list price, which told me that list price was fair and Stuart knows the market well.

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