1. What Are Special Assessments?

Special Assessments are a fact of life and should be understood not feared, when looking to buy condos in Edmonton.

In some cases, they arise because of some known repair or deficiency for which the Condo Board failed to collect sufficient reserve funds. However, some issues just crop up unexpectedly and the Condo Board has no choice but to organize the repair and charge the expense amongst the owners.

Contrast the above scenario with owning a single family home. Our home in Edmonton suffered extensive basement flooding a few years ago. There was no provincial assistance program and the insurance policy did not cover water table ingress. The result? A bill for more than $30,000 that we had to pay entirely on…

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Ambergate Realty Advisors helped Xenia and Kent purchase a new family home. They then needed to sell their old home in the Grandin areas of St Albert.


Xenia and Kent chose our Superior Saver home selling program. Ambergate Realty Advisors created 2 offers and we saved them thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.

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It’s truly staggering how much money homes sellers in Edmonton waste each year, because they are unable to differentiate one Realtor from another. If you are a potential home seller, don’t make the mistake of believing that ‘all Realtors are the same’.

Many home sellers pick a family friend or a relative to help them sell under a ‘traditional’ or ‘full’ commission program. If you do, you might needlessly give away thousands of dollars of your home's equity.

There are more effective, less expensive and credible options.

We suggest you ask the following questions BEFORE you hire any Realtor®

1. How long have you been a Realtor®?

Some Edmonton Realtors® have been around for decades. These folks might not be the best choice because they…

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Based on our 3 metrics, the Edmonton real estate market, is holding up extremely well, despite all of the doom and gloom we hear in the media:

Numbers Sold


For example, 719 homes and condos sold in Edmonton this past February. That’s only 52 units less than in 2015.

Days on Market


Its took 9 days longer for homes to sell in February this year than in 2015, which is not surprising given the current economic uncertainty. Still, at only 52 days average days on market, sales are occurring incredibly fast, when compared to other markets.

Prices Paid


As the graph indicates, selling values are down, but not by very much. What’s the actual dollar difference? Average values were $362,240 in February.

Compared to February 2015…

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