1. The service is readily available so why not use it?

Here in the metro Edmonton market its quite normal for home buyers to start a relationship with a REALTOR® to help them sleuth out ALL homes for sale. The good REALTORS® will also help you to identify homes that are not even on the open market. We do this all the time.                  

2. The listing REALTOR® is not working for you

It might seem smart to contact the listing REALTOR® and ask her to show you the home that she has listed for sale. You can ask direct questions and get the inside track on the home. Be aware however that the listing REALTOR® will also use this opportunity to get the inside track on you. If you tell her that you really love the home, that…

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Home sales prices have defied the predictions of the forecasters all year.

For most of the year, homes sales values have remained stable and in November they took a marked upward swing, increasing by 4% over the same last year. Was this because of the impending mortgage rules tightening, with perhaps more of an emphasis on more expensive home purchases?

Sales Values

A climb in value of 4% is the big news this month. This should serve to convince many reluctant home sellers to stay the course through the winter and keep their homes on the market.

Numbers Sold:

166 fewer homes sold in November compared to the same time last year. This has been the general pattern all year.

Days on Market

Replicating the…

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