Thinking of selling your Edmonton area home, but want to wait until Spring? We urge you to think again…

1. Demand is Constant

You might be thinking that nobody wants to a buy a home during the cold winter months here in metro Edmonton. However, this assumption is NOT TRUE. In most years, we will see several thousand homes sell between November through to the end of February. You must never forget that ‘life’ happens in real estate. People marry, divorce, have children or simply get jobs in other places. There are ALWAYS people wanting to purchase a good quality home. Is your home market ready? Go to our blog about home preparation to find out.

2. You Have Less Competition

Most home sellers fall into the trap of waiting until Spring. This…

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The resale market for Edmonton has been robust all year and December was no exception. Sales volumes remained strong, sales prices virtually identical to the year before and only a slight increase in days on market.

Numbers Sold:


As we rounded out 2016, the Edmonton market remained robust. Around 15 MORE homes sold in December 2016 in Edmonton than in December 2015, for at total of just under 610 homes sold. This excludes the periphery markets i.e. Sherwood Park, St Albert and Spruce Grove etc.

Days on Market


It was taking home sellers just 4 more days, i.e. average days on market was 66 days to put a buyer under contract in the Edmonton market compared to December 2015.

Sales Values


Don’t be confused by…

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