If you want to sell your Edmonton home, it’s crucial that you make the necessary preparations even before you meet your REALTOR®.

Follow these steps and provided you make a good choice in selecting a REALTOR®, (see this link for hints on REALTOR® selection) you will be well on your way to success.

1.    Tidy up, pre-pack & throw stuff away

If you have lived in your home for any length of time, chances are that you have accumulated far too much stuff. Those souvenirs that we buy on vacation, Christmas and birthday gifts from years gone by, extra furniture now redundant, unused DVD or CD collections, books, tools, towels, clothes, sports equipment. Do you get the picture? This is the time to send it all to Goodwill, do a garage sale, sell it…

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It’s likely that the buyer for your home will have purchased it ‘in their minds’ before they even take off their shoes.

How do we know this?

Based on watching hundreds of prospective buyers enter a home for the first time, it’s easy to tell when a home says ‘hello’ to the heart and mind of a buyer, simply by watching their body language and by listening to the first comments that they make. And after getting that first internal ‘yes’, if the prospective home buyer receives several more ‘yeses’, then it’s likely that they will make an offer on your home.

Think back to the last time you bought a home. Was it like this for you?

So how can you best leverage those first 5 seconds when selling your home?

It’s not that hard.

Make sure the…

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Confidence seems to be growing once again in the Edmonton home sales market. Sales are UP and inventory levels are DOWN.

Numbers Sold:


In March 2017, there were 43 more homes sold than in the year before. The underlying story is inventory levels. Supply is coming down. Based on demand there is now only 4 months’ supply compared to 5 months in February and 7 months in January. This is a rapid tightening up and it will be interesting to see how this effects prices. We are certainly starting to see more and more multiple offer situations.

Days on Market


Don’t let the angle of the line fool you. This represents just 3 days. That is, it took on average 53 days to sell a house in March 2017, compared to the same month last…

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At Ambergate Realty Advisors we help many Edmonton area home buyers each year search for and move into wonderful homes, both single family and condos.

Are you serious about buying a home? Do it in the week, do it during the day. Be first.

One thing that we constantly face is home buyer complacency. Many of the clients we work with initially want to see homes when they are not at work. This normally means evenings and weekends. This approach has several downsides for you and we suggest you start thinking a little differently.

Here are 4 reasons why you should shop for homes during the day, in the week:

1. You See the Home More Realistically

Want to shop for home in the evening? Depending upon the time of the year this could be big…

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