Lymburn is in the west side of Edmonton is very popular due to its moderate prices, access to schools, shopping and recreational facilities. We have just listed another home for sale. Please click here to read the details about this exclusive listing at 7324 188 Street. 

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Assuming your home has been positioned correctly for the market, it would not be unusual to get a dozen or more showings within the first 2 weeks to a month depending upon the time of year. It would also be reasonable to expect to receive at least one offer.

What do you do if you have not had an offer? If you have set up ALL of your 8 Home Selling Keys correctly, you only have one choice. Make a price correction!

At this point you may resist and be tempted to offer the following refrain.

“They can always make an offer. Can’t they?”

And you would be right. They, (meaning potential home buyers that have toured your home) could just make an offer, However, if your pricing is too ambitious, they likely won’t.

Here are some reasons why not:

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The Chappelle area situated on the south side of Edmonton and is one of those communities that is really starting to come into its stride. The area offers walking trails, playground areas and access to good schools. It’s also close to the Anthony Henday and so getting around is particularly easy. We are pleased to offer another lovely family home for sale in this area. Please click on the link to learn more: 1438 Carey Way SW Edmonton

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Originally from Ontario, Bob and Maureen spent many years building their lives and careers here in Edmonton. As they got older, the pull of their home province started to get stronger. By circumstance their adult children had gone east to build their own careers. The opportunity to be nearer their children and grandchildren made for an easy choice.

In 2017, Bob and Maureen listed their home for sale with a traditional REMAX agent. They received some offers, but they were simply low relative to the asking price and when Bob factored in the expensive commission that his then REALTOR® demanded, he could not afford to sell.

This time, Bob decided to see if he could find a proven real estate brokerage that offered more attractive…

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Shaun, his wife and baby daughter decided to move nearer family in Sherwood Park. Shaun did not have a great deal of equity in his current home so the Comfree program made sense and he bought it. Unfortunately what many people forget is that the Comfree program is essentially ‘for sale by owner’ and there is very little support during the sales and marketing cycle. During the time that Shaun was trying to sell his home most homes sold in 60 days.

Shaun’s home languished on the market for a full 6 months and remained unsold. Comfree offered him a second listing term for a discounted rate.

Shaun declined and looked around for a better way to sell his home. The flat fee program offered by Ambergate Realty Advisors was the obvious…

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We have a lovely home sale in Fraser in north east Edmonton Like many of the neighborhoods in the Clareview area, it is centered around an elementary school. Fraser was named after John Fraser, an original homesteader in the area and one of the first trustees of the Belmont School. 

To see the details for this extremely well priced home please click here…

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Despite the back drop of higher inventory levels compared to March 2017, home sales values remained stable. However, unit sales were down marginally and days on market jumped by 2 days. Read the details by scrolling through the report.

Sales Values:

During March 2018 homes were selling for almost as much as last year. This year on average home sellers received around $650 MORE than in 2017.

Month End Inventory

Compared to the end of March 2017 there was 764 MORE listings for sale this year. This equates to a 6 month supply.

In most circumstances we hope for a 3 or 4 months’ supply of homes for sale to maintain some rigor in the market.

Numbers Sold:

In total, 152 FEWER homes sold in March 2018 compared to…

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