We are pleased to present a wonderful home in the newer community of Laurel. Laurel is proving to be very popular with families and first time home buyers. Check out the details for this home clicking on this link 3108 17 Ave NW Edmonton

To see ALL homes for sale in the Laurel area please click on this link: Laurel Homes for Sale.


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Jennifer and Alex owned this home in Lymburn for several years and made a series of renovations. They perhaps paid too much when they purchased and were anxious not to lose money when they sold the home. They made their first attempt at selling by purchasing the Comfree program. They tried for several months to sell by themselves and were not successful. Jennifer and Alec started to realize they needed some help. As summer rolled around they also wanted to spend time at the lake with their children and without the hassle of arranging to show the home to prospective buyers. For them the flat fee program offered by Ambergate Realty Advisors was a smart choice.


The Ambergate Realty Advisors team got to work and in a short…

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Dianne and Wayne had reached a time in their lives where they were ready to downsize and reduce costs. They owned a wonderful home, but it carried with it the complication of being an 18 plus condo unit and for many people it offered far more square footage than most folks really needed. An added complication was that since they purchased the home, many more units that were similar in nature had been built. Dianne and Wayne tried working with several traditional REALTORS® , but none of them could generate an offer. They started to look around for alternatives. They also needed to squeeze every dollar out of their sale and at the same time save on real estate commissions. The flat fee program offered by Ambergate Realty Advisors was the…

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Kelly and Elena purchased this home in Griesbach as investment. However, due to some changes in their plans, they had to sell it. At first they listed with a newer inexperienced REALTOR® attached to one of the old school franchises. The home languished on the market for many months and Kelly in particular felt that he got very little support and weak advice from the REALTOR. After the listing expired, Kelly decided to find a more experienced REALTOR® and if possible, one that did not charge expensive traditional commissions. The flat fee program offered by Ambergate Realty Advisors was the obvious choice.


After we relaunched the home for sale, the market became very tough for homes priced above $500,000. It would require a…

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David and Linda bought their home in the north east Edmonton community of Fraser just a few years ago and spent several thousand dollars in renovations. Their children had decided to move out to Lamont with their own families for a better quality of life. Linda and David decided to join them, but against the back drop of a weak home sale market, they could not afford a traditional expensive REALTOR®. The flat fee program offered by Ambergate Realty Advisors was the solution they needed. 


After a short period of time the team at Ambergate Realty Advisors found a strong buyer candidate. We negotiated a very good price for Linda and David and saved them almost $4,000 in commissions, on a $315,000 transaction. You can read…

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Blue Quill and the adjacent neighbourhood of Blue Quill Estates are after one of our aboriginal leaders Chief Blue Quill of the Saddle Lake Band. Today the community is a mix of high end residential single family homes with limited quantities of multifamily housing. Because the community is close to shops, schools and more recently the LRT at Century Park the community is especially popular with families. We are proud to offer this larger 4 bedroom for sale. Click on this link to see the details.

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Although sales volume was ever so slightly down in May compared to the same month last year, buyers purchased more quickly and paid a little more than they did last year. Read the details by scrolling through the report.

Sales Values:

Against the backdrop of very high inventory levels, home sellers did well in May. On average we saw home values across Edmonton increase by almost $2300. However, allowing for inflation, this is still a relative flat increase. It should also be noted that this increase was carried by single family sales. The condo market is currently over served and asking prices are being challenged.

Days on Market:

Days on market was also a pleasant surprise. Home buyers will most often take their…

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