Are you thinking about buying a home? Its an exciting and often overwhelming process for many people, especially first-time home buyers or even for seniors who have been in their homes for many years. Perhaps in both cases the impending change is extremely daunting and stressful. Here are some tips you may find helpful and that will hopefully reduce your anxiety.

The internet has made your search easier than ever before. However, the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming. Therefore, we suggest you consider the following factors first:

1.  When Do You Want to Move?

If you don’t expect to purchase your new home for a few months or years yet, be kind to yourself. There’s no point in getting excited about homes that are currently for…

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Alison & Chris purchased this home just a couple of years ago. Life circumstances changed and this meant that they needed to sell the home. They did not have very much equity and so they chose to list with one of the better known ‘discount’ real estate brokerages, (the one with the green signs).

The home languished on the market unsold for over 120 days. They started to look around for other service providers. Chris and Alison were not prepared to pay expensive traditional real estate commissions and have all of their hard earned money go to commissions.

The flat fee program offered by Ambergate Realty Advisors made so much sense to them.


We put the 5 phase Ambergate Realty Advisors flat fee home selling program to work…

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One of the first things you should determine when considering purchasing a home is how much you can afford and who will be willing to lend you the money.

Here in Edmonton you will have literally hundreds of choices of mortgage providers. Be careful about asking too many of them to run credit checks on you however. Every time your record is submitted to the credit bureaus, (a kind of database for lenders to look at how well you pay your bills) it may negatively affect your rating.

Your Existing Bank

Applying to the bank that carries your chequing account and where you pay your bills would be an obvious choice for many potential home buyers. And why not? They know you. They trust you and they want more of your business right? In many cases this…

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Riverdale is one of our favourite neighbourhoods. It’s close to the river valley trails and yet so close to downtown. There are mature trees everywhere. To see the details for our newest listing please click this link: Larger 2 bedroom unit for sale.

To see ALL condos for sale in Riverdale click this link: ALL Riverdale Condos for Sale


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Many home buyers particularly first-time home buyers are drawn to new homes and its easy to understand why. Nobody but you will have lived in the home and in some cases, you can tell the builder what you would like to have included in the specification. Other people are drawn to ‘pre-owned’ or resale homes. In this blog we examine the pros and cons of each option.

New Homes

Pros: Buying a new home, particularly if you can have some input into the design process, may be the closest you will ever get to owning that perfect home. All the materials that go into your new home will be new and therefore maintenance should be minimal at least for the first 5 to 10 years.

In most cases, the overall design of the home will suit your modern lifestyle…

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Perhaps you have been finding that cleaning the house is just too much, or that the yard work just gets away from you? Maybe you find that your home is simply too big these days?

Before you even consider moving away from your cherished home, why not consider the alternatives first?

1. Hire a Cleaner

There’s no rule that states that you must do the house cleaning yourself. If you can afford it, why not have someone come in and spruce up the place once a week? It might also give you something to look forward to i.e. a friendly face coming into your home to chat with and perhaps even enjoy a coffee with.2.

2.  Hire a Yard Work Team

In the United Kingdom where I’m originally from we call these folks ‘gardeners’. Yard work here in the…

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The Edmonton home selling market continued to show its strength in July. We witnessed almost the same number of transactions as last year. Days on market was similar. Values have been challenged a little.

Days on Market:

In July home sellers were witnessing success in only 54 days, up 3 days from last year. Home sellers who are still on the market after about 60 days, should be asking their REALTOR® for advice, as there is something wrong with their positioning.

Month End Inventory:

Although month end inventory was 1020 units UP on the same time last year, this number has come down from June which was at 1245 unsold homes for sale.

We expect that this number will further slide as unmotivated home sellers start to…

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