Because Highlands is so popular, selling prices tend to be higher than in many surrounding areas. We are therefore thrilled to represent a home for sale that almost everyone can afford. This charming home is available now. Get the details by clicking on this link: Highlands Home for Sale.

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Situated on the south side of Edmonton, Summerside boasts its own private lake and it’s choc full of stylish homes. 

We are especially proud to present this half duplex home with a massive private yard.

Click on this link to read the details or view ALL homes for sale in Summerside today click on this link: Summerside Homes for Sale

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According to one source, Woodlands was the first residential development in St. Albert to make use of the concept of “show homes”. It was a sales experiment inspired by homebuilders in California and needless it was a success. Today Woodlands is one of the most sought-after mature neighborhoods in St Albert and we are proud to represent this lovely home at: 37 Woodlands Road.

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Newton is a residential area located in the north east of Edmonton. It was named for Reverend William Newton who arrived in Edmonton in 1875 and today the leafy green streets offer home buyers some very affordable homes close to public transport, schools and shops. We are pleased to offer this lovely little home at 12241 Street. Just click to see the details.

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If your money is tight it might be tempting to think about skipping the home inspection. We do not recommend this. Adding the home inspection stage to your home purchase process is a wise step.

1. They Know More Than You Do

You may be a journeyman electrician plumber, or some other trade, but respectfully we doubt you know more about home construction than our inspectors do. The inspectors we work with are hand-picked and they have inspected literally hundreds of homes. Their report will give you a ‘second pair of eyes’.

2. A Home is a Complex Machine

When you fall in love with a particular home its tempting to view it through a ‘rose tinted pair of glasses’. You love it and that’s all that matters right? Your inspector is going to bring…

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Are we in a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market? In my view we are in a balanced market especially when we look at how many homes sold and the prices they sold for. Read below for the details.

Sales Values:

Don’t let the graph fool you. Sellers gave up only 1% in value when compared to home sellers last year. Homes sold in Edmonton for only $3,700 LESS (approx.) than last year. This is so insignificant potential home sellers should proceed confident that they can sell for a good price.

Numbers Sold:

In August 2018 a total of 1087 homes sold. In August 2017 there was 1149 sold. The difference? 62 units. In my view this is not significant.

Days on Market:

Days on market jumped by 8 days that is homes sold in 62…

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