Stuart and his team were great to work with! They were all easy to get a hold of and prompt in their replies. I like the flat fee program that Ambergate offers; it’s nice to know what to expect to pay for a commission up front, and it’s definitely a great value. They were able to get my house sold for a reasonable price in a tougher market. The lawyer that Stuart referred me to for the sale was great too.

Want more information about our home buying services? Please feel free to call our broker owner Stuart Neal at: 780-760-2014 or visit our website or


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After living in this Larkspur home for several years, Ankur successfully rented the home out for over 10 years. Eventually she decided that she wanted to stop being a landlord and to realise on her investment. Unfortunately, market conditions were acting against Ankurs objective which was to sell and retain as much money as possible. Ankur met with a number of traditional REALTORS®. In her view they offered lack luster programmes and demanded expensive traditional commissions. Ankur decided to look around for a proven FULL-SERVICE program at more competitive rates. For her, the flat fee program offered by Ambergate Realty Advisors was the obvious choice.


Stuart Neal our broker owner provided a personal consultation in order…

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These days shopping for home listings is easy. As you know, there are websites and apps everywhere. Or you can drive around neighborhoods that you like and find for sale signs. Surely it would make sense just to call the listing REALTOR® and go see the home. Who needs a REALTOR® these days?

Not so fast is what we advise. There are some solid reasons for you to find one competent REALTOR® to help you.

1.  A Good REALTOR® Knows More Than You Do

How many homes have you bought in your lifetime? When was the last time you purchased a home? Most people have only ever purchased one or two homes. For many, it’s been decades since they last purchased. Don’t be amateur. A good REALTOR® helps people purchase every day. A good REALTOR® will have helped…

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Hairsine is a popular value priced community in the north east of Edmonton. We are very pleased to present this recently renovated 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home that is ideal for first time home buyers or downsizers alike. Priced to sell and recently renovated. Click here to see the details: Lovely Hairsine Home for Sale. 

To view ALL homes in Hairsine currently for sale please click here: Hairsine Homes for Sale.

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A Poem for Downsizers

The process of downsizing can be an exciting time. It can also be a time for contemplation and worry about what lies ahead. John Tidridge has written a series of poems that describe his feelings and thoughts as Maureen and he go through the moving process.


Years ago, it would seem, we came across Griesbach

Army Barracks all trim and green,

Canadian army;

An accident occurs, on base, an army base.

I am sent and there meet a young police officer, RCMP.

I am an experienced City Officer, out of my jurisdiction.

He is young, I help him out, that’s what we do.

It’s Griesbach.

Jurisdictions change and now the camp is ‘City’.

I am sent on a call, not easy to forget.

A young man has…

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Perhaps you are sitting on the side lines wondering if you should buy a home now or later. Here are 3 reasons why you should do it now.

1.  More Choice

At the end of January 2019 there was around 400 MORE single family homes for sale than this time last year. If you want to be picky in selecting your next home this could be the time to shop around.

2.  Lower Prices

At the end of January 2019 single family homes sold on average for around $390,000 DOWN by 11% over the same time last year. Condos sold for about 6% LESS than in January 2018 for an average price of $220,000.

You should also know that in most years, prices climb until about July when they start to soften a little bit. These low prices will not continue.

3.  Lower Interest…

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Landon came to me as a referral from a very good friend in search of his very first home. He had been preparing for quite some time to purchase his new home. He was a first-time home buyer who was not sure how the whole process worked so I walked him through the whole process and we started looking for homes together!,


Landon found his home after looking at only a few and within a few hours an offer was accepted so we got him in touch with all of the right people (Mortgage broker, home inspector, Real Estate lawyer). To his surprise the whole process went very smoothly everything went according to plan. Landon is now moved into his first home and excited to get himself a dog to start his new journey as a homeowner!


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Compared to last January, this past month did not project well. Around 370 homes sold. However, they took longer to sell, realized lower values and excess inventory is up. However, this may not matter. Read our outlook for details.

Numbers Sold:

On total just over 370 single family homes sold in Edmonton during January 2019. Unfortunately, this does not compare well with 2018 when almost 440 units sold.

Sales Values:

Home buyers in January 2019 were able to press their advantage and secure significant discounts when compared to last year securing (on average) about an 11% discount. One month is not enough to indicate a longer-term trend. For example, for the whole of 2018 prices dropped by about 1% compared to 2017.

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