We are pleased to present this very unique home for sale in Brintnell a popular community situated in the north east segment of Edmonton. To see all of the details please click on this link: Ambergate Exclusive Home for Sale. 

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Selling your home soon? Given the large number of homes that fail to sell each year it’s crucial that you choose a REALTOR®carefully. Here are some questions that you may find helpful in order to make the right choice:

1.  What would your existing clients have to say about you and your team?

We suggest you do your due diligence and not take any REALTOR®at face value. Demand to see references and testimonials. We have our record on-line. You can read about us at these online locations:

Ambergate Realty Advisors Client Testimonials & Case Study Blog

Ambergate Realty Advisors Google® Reviews

Ambergate Realty Advisors Facebook® Reviews

2.   Are your commissions fair?

Technology has changed the playing field. These days the best…

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I received a phone call from one of my seller clients the other day. She asked me the oddest question and at first, I was flummoxed.

She was getting very frustrated that as selling values slipped away in this ever so tough Edmonton market of 2019, I was asking her to make a second price correction to attract more buyers.

The question she asked me? Here it is. Don’t you have your own clientele?

I had to think about this for a while. She was asking me if I had a discreet group of people cultivated by myself who are ready to buy homes at whatever price I tell them to. These same people I assume must not ever go on the internet to check out prices for themselves. Don’t ever want to see other homes not listed by myself and act only in the…

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After spending 10 years in Alberta, Linda and Michael decided it was time to head back home to Ontario. They purchased the home in Summerside only a few years back direct from the builder and paid full retail price. Unfortunately, it’s often hard for purchasers of new homes to be able to sell for what they paid within the first 3 to 5 years of ownership. This fact combined with decreased sales values across Edmonton in general over the last 3 years put them into a challenging situation. Their first course of action was to find the cheapest real estate service provider they could find and this was Purplebricks. Unfortunately, the Purplebricks program did not work for them. They found it hard to arrange showings whilst they were both at…

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Stuart and his team were a pleasure to deal with and very professional. They always responded quickly to questions and helped us make our sale easy. They also saved us money! I highly recommend their services!

Want more information about our lower cost FLAT FEE home selling programs? Please feel free to call our broker owner Stuart Neal at: 780-760-2014 or visit our home sellers page www.FlatFeeRealtyAdvisors.ca

Want more information about our home buying services? Please feel free to call our broker owner Stuart Neal at: 780-760-2014 or visit our website www.AmbergateHomes.ca


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