We are very pleased to offer this lovey home in Cherry Grove Lane in the community of Ozerna for sale. This one is an end unit and features a double garage. To see the details please click on this link: Unit 28 6608 158 Ave Edmonton.

To see ALL town homes in Ozerna currently for sale click this link: ALL Ozerna Townhomes for sale.

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DOWNSIZING NUMBER 999 or so: The saga continues. Downsizing is an ongoing, if sometimes sad, exercise: the six foot tall Christmas tree has been downsized to a four-footer; it will be interesting to see how ‘those chosen to help decorate, in the form of up to six females’, will handle the smaller tree! It will prove to be interesting. A granddaughter and her husband have latched on to the clothes horse ...read treadmill, in the basement. It should be gone soon.

As an aside, one would think there would be dozens of takers for a [free] treadmill among family and youth oriented organizations...not so... telephone calls made, emails were sent to all and sundry...so we were grateful when our granddaughter stepped up to the plate....the treadmill was…

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It seems now that I have one, every other vehicle has that familiar handicap sticker hanging from its rear-view mirror stem! And now every handicap parking spot seems to be full. Just kidding; everything is normal. 

What a great idea it is, this recognizing the fact some of us are just not as nimble as we once were, or, perhaps it’s our partner, in that unfortunate state.

It is almost a worldwide offering to handicapped persons. Canada, USA, UK, Europe and Oceania are some of the countries on board. Regulations vary from country to country, but the emblem [shown above] is pretty constant. Penalties also vary. In the UK a £1000.00 [$1700.00] fine can be levied for abusing the usage of the handicap offering. 

Here in Edmonton, Canada the…

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In a crowded market like ours here in Edmonton, setting yourself apart from sometimes hundreds of other competing home or condo sellers may be your ticket to success.

We have a home stager on our team and she often has a pretty hard job convincing home sellers to pay for her services.


Many home sellers in our Edmonton market have spent years getting their place “just so” and they cannot see why a buyer would not want to purchase it just as it is. And secondly it might be because it requires a cash investment that some less motivated sellers wish to avoid.

Which outcome is worse?

Investing money to sell the house for full market value with low stress, or

Not selling at all?

Most serious home sellers would agree that investing…

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If you are thinking about a career in real estate, or if you are an existing REALTOR® finding the current market a challenge your choice of brokerage will crucial to your success.

We are growing a small and effective team of REALTORS® at this brokerage and we are selectively adding new members. The goal is to recruit between 5 and 10 new team members by the end of 2020. Could you be one of them?

Not sure what other REALTRS® would have to say about the culture at Ambergate Realty Advisors? Here are some recent testimonials from current team members.

Stevi Lashley (a brand-new entrant to the industry)

Working with Ambergate Realty Advisors over the last 1 and a half has been great for me. My broker Stuart Neal has taught me be a better…

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Are you looking for a perfect home? You know that one that ticks all of your boxes and is 100% perfect in every way.

I have to break it to you. You won’t find it. Over the years we have helped hundreds of buyers find their homes and not one found the perfect home.

So how close can you get?

Why not consider the concept of the 85% house. It’s got most of what you want but not everything. It approaches your ideal but cut yourself (and the house) some slack.

If you can get close, be flexible. Let some things go. Buy the home, move in and enjoy!

To see ALL homes for sale in real time go to this link: AmbergateHomes.ca

About the author:

You can read more about the author of this blog by clicking this link – Stuart Neal Broker Owner &…

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If you have just finished your studies and now ready to get licensed your first step will be to find a brokerage. Most of the traditional brokerages are not selective. If you can bring a real estate license and credit card that works so that they can bill you are pretty much guaranteed to be accepted.

Why is it so easy to get hired? The answer is simple. The brokerage sees you as not much more than a ‘billing point’. They may talk about training and even lead generation programs. The truth is that in the larger brokerages these systems are very weak or in reality non-existent.

I talked to a very nice gentleman only yesterday who told me he jointed a REMAX franchise about a month ago believing that the brand would help launch his career and that…

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Rutherford in the south west of Edmonton is one of the most popular and sought after communities in Edmonton. We are pleased to present this lovely 18 plus home for sale. To see all of the details please click on this link: Unit 37 for sale. 

To view ALL condo bungalows in Rutherford please click this link: All Condo Bungalows for Sale.

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2 Ways To Downsize

There is essentially 2 ways to downsize. Spatial and Financial. Sometimes it might be a combination of both. Sometimes people downsize spatially and upsize financially.

Spatial downsizing is easily the most popular choice many of our clients make. After rattling around in the former family home for a few years it makes sense to move into something smaller. The upside to this move is of course less time spent cleaning. The downside is that this sometimes means less personal space for couples in particular.

Financial downsizing means simply reducing overhead. A smaller space often means lower heating bills, fewer maintenance bills and in some cases lower property taxes.

What Do Your Spatial Options Look Like?

To achieve a spatial downsize…

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Don’t fall into the trap of complacency. At this time of the year, hundreds of home sellers witness outstanding success and sell for full market value.

Based on last year’s market statistics (this year is very similar) almost 1600 homes will sell across metro Edmonton between November 1st and December 31st 2019. Average days on market will be around 69 days. For an overview of the market across the year, please click on this link to see the detail: Edmonton Market Report

Here’s why you could do well:

  1. Reduced competition. Many sellers just give up until Spring. Buyers who are looking now are motivated. They might pay you a premium price, if they can move in quickly.
  2. Home values often go up. Based on last year’s statistics house selling…

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