1.  Large or Small Brokerage?

In my opinion, a big brokerage favours the broker i.e. the broker is only running a large cash flow machine and is simply making money off lots of agents. The larger the brokerage, the more impersonal it is and the more likely you are just going to be a number. It would be natural to assume that the more REALTORS® in the office the more help you might get. The opposite is true. Other REALTORS® in a large brokerage are your competitors. In most cases, you will be left to fend for yourself. It’s the culture of larger brokerages.

A small brokerage on the other hand is likely to have a definite ‘feel’ or culture. In some cases you will be treated ike a partner. If you can find a brokerage that has the right culture and…

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1.  Maximum audience

At the time of writing we are in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic here in Edmonton. Most buyers are hesitant to view homes, especially seller occupied homes unless they really have to buy a home soon. If you offer a virtual tour, ALL home buyers can take a look around your listing from the comfort of their current home. In many cases buyers are demanding to see a tour BEFORE they will agree to and look at your home.

2.  Convenience

Many potential home buyers are time poor. Offering the chance to conveniently shop your home could be the difference between it making the short list and not making the shortlist. Give yourself an advantage. It also means that you can demonstrate your home to many buyers without the…

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The Chappelle area was established in 2008 & is situated in the south west quadrant of Edmonton. There are many new homes to choose from, many of which require to wait several months, whilst they are built. This home is ready to move into & could be perfect for your Christmas 2020. Click here to see the details: Ambergate Exclusive Chappelle Home for Sale. 

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Meyonohk is situated in the south east quadrant of Edmonton is known to be family friendly and affordable. In Cree, the name means ‘ideal spot. 

We are pleased to offer this home for sale. Click here to read the details: Ambergate Realty Exclusive Listing. 

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Parkallen is a favourite community of University of Alberta personnel or anyone that likes to live in the city plugged in as it is to all kinds of urban services and opportunities. Click this link to learn about this exclusive listing: For Sale 62131 112a St NW Edmonton. 

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It would be natural to think that due to Covid 19, our market is flat & values are down. In fact, the opposite is true. We definitely saw a drop off in sales volume & sales values back in March & April when the Covid crisis hit us. However, since that time the market has just got stronger as each passing month goes by. I am confident that there is so much pent up demand, hundreds of home sellers will witness outstanding success & sell for full market value.

How busy will the market be? Based on last year’s market statistics, almost 1400 homes will sell across metro Edmonton between November 1st & December 31st 2020. Average days on market will be around 71 days. Average sales values will be around $380,000 UP on last years values. To read the very…

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In October sales prices punched through the roof when compared to the last 2 years. High sales values, combined with reduced inventory, means potential home sellers should consider entering the market now and anticipate an excellent outcome.

Sales Values

So far this October, average sales prices have been around $382,000 compared to $365,000 last year and around $376,000 in 2018. Prices have strengthened since March and we anticipate that they will remain higher for the balance of the year. Based on these numbers home prices are 5% UP on this time last year. 

Days on Market

Home buyers have been snapping up homes very quickly. Average days on market so far in October is only 51 days, compared to 65 days last year and 58 days in…

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