The best amongst us are good at establishing goals and formulating a plan to reach them, but most of us struggle to establish a process for success. 

Why not do this? Inversion thinking is where we think about of all the stuff that could go wrong. Completing an inversion study or a pre-mortem can be a great way to figure what could go wrong and then to fix it. 

Step 1 – Establish a goal 

Step 2 – Write down as many reasons as you can think of as to why you will fail. It might be better do this with someone else or perhaps your family can jump in too. 

Step 3 – Identify the top 3 to 6 reasons. Perhaps those that would have the biggest impact. 

Step 4 – Create some positive solutions and perhaps a series…

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The Hamptons in south west Edmonton continues to attract home buyers at all budget levels. We are pleased to present this feature rich value priced family home for sale. Click here to get the details: Exclusive Ambergate Realty Listing in The Hamptons. 

To sell ALL homes for sale in The Hamptons go here ALL Hamptons Homes for Sale

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If you are like members of my team, your database may consist of hundreds of prospective clients. Keeping track of your best contacts and prospects can be a challenge.

Why not do this?

Manage your prospects into 2 groups. Your Hot List and Your Warm List

  • Your Hot List is people you know that are going to buy or sell a home within the next 90 days from YOU. 

  • Your Warm List is people that you think may buy or sell a home over the next 12 months, but not necessarily from you.

 I recommend you review your Hot and Warm Lists every day. Of course, some folks will be brought into the groups and others moved out.

For other tips on how maximize the potential of your database, please give me a call, or send me an email.

Enjoy your…

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This past Saturday I had great discussion with a gentleman that wants to sell a home. He asked me a great question that made me think.

He asked why he needed an agent when he could get the tools for selling by himself. He has organized professional photos and a created a drone video. He said that all he needed now was an inexpensive way to list on the MLS system. Further he told me that he has never sold a home before.

I think the best answer to his question lies in a response to his last comment. He has never sold a home before.

Most of us could steer a ship if asked to do so.

But how many of us could direct the crew to navigate that same ship through the rocks and shallows so that we successfully reach our destination? There are so many…

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In his easily read book The Dip, Seth Godin suggests that quitting for the right reasons is a good thing. If you are just about to become a REALTOR® or if you are still building your career you will experience The Dip. It’s easy to recognize. After experiencing some early success due in part to good luck and extremely hard work, your results and motivation will drop off.

Seth talks about 3 scenarios as to how people deal with The Dip.

  1. People who are making a mature balanced decision will look at the odds of success (25% in your first 2 years) and declare, “This is not what I’m passionate about. I’ll pass thank you”.
  2. Other people will say “This IS what I’m passionate about. I’m going to lean into this and persevere until I have moved…

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We helped Helen and Nam get into a place where they could buy this home about 3 years by selling their other home for them. As lovely as this home was it did not have a big back yard for the children. They found a suitable alternative but needed to sell this home quickly and for top dollar.

In fairly short order we identified a suitable buyer candidate and put the home under contract. It sold shortly thereafter and now Helen, Nam and the children are in their new home with that much larger yard. Here are details for the program they employed. Here is a link for the flat fee program offered by Ambergate Realty Advisors.

Here is what Nam had to say about his experience in working with us:

A sincere thanks to Stuart and his team for…

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In January, sales volume blew through the roof compared to last year. With strong buyer demand and lower inventory, we anticipate brisk activity during the first quarter of 2021.

Sales Values

In January 2021, average sales prices were $368,589 compared to $353,227 last year or 4% UP. Prices have strengthened since March 2020 and we anticipate that they will remain higher, heading into 2021. Despite the effects of Covid 19, sales prices beat the previous year’s values in August, October and November and January 2021. 

Days on Market

Buyers have been snapping up homes very quickly. Average days on market in January was only 64 days, compared to 78 days in 2020 and 77 days in 2019.

Sales Volume

Last year there were around…

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We are thrilled to see people grow into effective and valued practitioners. Almost 3 years ago Stevi Lashley joined our brokerage as a new REALTOR®. We helped take her from ‘deer in the headlights’ to effective networker, shrewd negotiator and a general all round practitioner. We are truly grateful to have enjoyed Stevi in our brokerage.

Here’s what Stevi had to say about her experience a little while back.

“Working with Ambergate Realty Advisors over the last 1 & a half years has been great for me. My broker Stuart Neal has taught me be a better REALTOR® & Advisor. He has been a great mentor & has provided me the skills I need to succeed & to push myself to do better. I am grateful that Stuart took his time to mentor me & continues to support…

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RECA requires you get a Buyer Brokerage Agreement signed as soon as is practicable.

Many REALTORS® struggle to gain client commitment.

Here’s a short dialogue you could use. It’s based loosely on a script that AJ Hazzi and his team use out in Kelowna.

Here’s what you say when its time to ask for commitment:

If you think I can help you find your next home I just need you to sign my exclusive Buyer Brokerage agreement.

Working with me won’t directly cost you a dime. All I ask for is your loyalty? Is that fair?

(if they say no, or they want to think about it, then you say this)

Why don’t we do this. I will write in a clause that gives you the opportunity to cancel within 24 hours’ notice. That’s fair to everyone.

Honestly, I…

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