Have you been sitting on the fence about buying a home this year? Did the very high prices that we witnessed in the Spring discourage you? I have good news for you.

1. Sales Prices Have Dropped Significantly

You can now buy a single family home for much less. In fact, you can now buy the same kind of home for more than $50,000 LESS than you would have paid back in April 2022.

Average single family homes prices in April 2022 was $501,801 compared to $451.734 in August 2022.

2. You Have More Choice

Frankly back in the Spring and early Summer almost all homes were getting snapped up and there was an extreme shortage of homes for sale. As I write this blog there is over 500 MORE single family homes for sale when compared to August 2021. The…

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 Buying a brand new home or condo has many advantages. It also has several disadvantages. Let me help you work though some of the pros and cons of making the choice to buy a brand new home or not.

First let’s look at the Pros:

  1.     Everything will be brand new and should meet the current building codes.
  2.     You may be able to choose some or all of the specification for your new home.
  3.     Your home will be covered by a warranty for the first 10 years of your homes life in some cases.

Now let’s consider the Cons:

  1.  Your brand new home or condo will be constructed using today’s labour and material costs. Therefore, you should expect to pay more than an equivalent home in the   resale market that was constructed using yesterday’s…

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According to statistics from the REALTORS Association of Edmonton (RAE) only 27% of new industry members are still practicing 2 years after they first start their career. That’s right there a 73% drop out rate.

Based on my research of newer industry members there are 3 key reasons why people succeed.

  1.     They have access to sufficient clients and can onboard them well.
  2.     They make smart choices with respect to whom they align themselves and
  3.     They get the right training and support.

Commencing the first week of September I will be hosting my FREE 6 Week Realtor Bootcamp.

All elements of the work will be examined from preparation, client identification and engagement through to some of the technical elements of the work.

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Beverly as it's known locally is adjacent to the river valley and the popular communities of Highlands and Bellevue. Due to its location Beverly Heights, might just be one of the best kept secrets in Edmonton. Due to its price point, (more on that later) its also perfect for first time buyers, young families or perhaps investors.

The great thing about Beverly is that you can enjoy many of the benefits that living in Highlands and Bellevue provides including mature tree lined streets, and the Beverly Farmers Market is also fun.

There are a number of parks and playgrounds (pictured above) for families to enjoy time together and the river valley trail system also runs alongside the southern edge of the community. You might also enjoy access to some…

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In July 2021 there were 432 total Edmonton sales registered. In July 2022, 441 sales were registered. This is a small increase of 2% over last year.


Days on Market

Sales Prices

In July 2022, average sales prices were $224290 compared to $232085 in July 2021. This is a decrease of 3%. The blended average increase for the year to date is about 2%.

Sales Volume

In July 2021 there were 432 total Edmonton sales registered. In July 2022, 441 sales were registered. This is a small increase of 2% over last year.


Days on Market

Condominiums sold in July 2022 after an average of 50 days, compared to 52 days in July 2021. In terms of speed 2022 has consistently outperformed the market when compared to 2021 and 2020.

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The July market continued to perform well compared to the same time last year.

Sales Prices

In July 2022, average sales prices increased over June. The average price was around $487,000 compared to about $480,000 in June 2022 and around $453,000 in July 2021. This represents an increase of 7% when compared to July 2021. The ‘blended’ increase for the year so far is 7%.

Sales Volume

The volume of sale in July dropped dramatically. In July 2021 there were a total 1114 Edmonton sales registered. In July 2022, there was only 923 sales registered equal to a 17% reduction in sales volume year on year. This is the third month in a row that single family volume was less than last year. Perhaps this is a product of very early activity…

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