Prices for single family homes are heading up.

Single family homes are in short supply in the Edmonton market at this time.

If finding a great home at a good price is your goal this year, what should you do?

1. Ask your REALTOR® to identify the older listings. These are the homes that were perhaps overpriced and hence did not sell right away. Most buyers ignore these opportunities. You should not.

2. Identify ‘off market’ homes. These are homes for sale by owner. Homes that were on the market but are now off the market. History shows that these sellers will usually try again after taking a ‘rest’. Or homes that could be for sale if only the owners were asked.

Your REALTOR® will know how to help you find them.

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May Single Family Market Report

The May market delivered a solid performance. And prices hit their highest level for 2023.

Sales Prices

Single family prices may 2023

In May 2023, average sales prices were around $484,000 slightly above May 2022 sales values of $483,000 and $26,000 UP on May 2021. When compared to 2021 that’s a 6 percent increase in values. Interest rate increases have had no tangible effect.

Sales Volume

Don’t let this graph fool you. Just look at how steep that line is. Single family housing is popular. Post Covid we witnessed unusually high sales numbers. However, 2023 sales volumes are at pre Covid norms.

Days on Market

 Average days on market in May 2023 was 40 days compared to 24 days last year and 27 days in 2021. The…

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