3 Ways to Avoid Confusion & Overwhelm When Buying a Home

It’s easy to get excited when searching for a home and to create a long list of homes you want to see. It has been my experience that this is a mistake. Seeing too many homes too quickly may result in confusion and overwhelm.

Here are 3 suggestions that may help you stay focused and give you the best chance of finding a suitable home.

1. Maintain a Rolling Top 3

If you have more than 3 top homes on your list, you are likely to get confused. Once you have seen 4 homes ask your agent to help you eliminate 1. This will give you a rolling top 3. Then rank them one to three. One being your first choice.

2. There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Home

In order to avoid disappointment, you…

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How Many Homes Should You See Before Buying One?

In the era before the internet, homebuyers often had to visit 20 to 30 homes to find one they loved. But in 2023, the process has evolved.

Based on our experience, today's buyers spend a few months researching online and exploring neighborhoods. Typically, they only view 5 to 10 homes before making a purchase decision.

Regarding the time frame, if you're clear about what you want, there's a 60% chance of buying on the first day out or a 50% chance on the second day. If it takes longer, that's okay; it could signal a need for re-evaluation or a chat with your REALTOR® about other options.

To shop for ALL homes in the metro Edmonton area please go to our website www.AmbergateHomes.ca.

About the…

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When is the BEST time to view homes for sale?

If you are like most people, you work during the day.

Therefore, it would seem reasonable to go and look at homes for sale in the evenings or weekends.

But what is the best time?

When other folks are not competing with you for an appointment.

Daytime is better than evenings. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays are the smartest days to shop…

Avoid weekends if possible!

To shop for ALL homes in the metro Edmonton area please go to our website www.AmbergateHomes.ca.

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August Condo Market Report

The Edmonton condo market stays stable. Prices are moderate and sales volume continues to grow.

Sales Prices

Condo sales prices climbed slightly for August 2023 at an average price of around $221,000. This is 2% up over the same month last year.

Sales Volume

There were almost 572 condos sold in August compared to less than 410 units sold in August 2022. This represents an increase in volume of 40 %. This is the fourth consecutive month of volume sales growth. Perhaps this points to a rebound in condo interest especially as single-family values continue to lift.

Days on Market

Condos sold for an average days on market of only 51 days. This is slightly quicker than the previous 2 years at 54…

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Whats Happening to Interest Rates in September 2023?

Yesterday the Bank of Canada elected to hold the ‘overnight rate’ to 5 ¼ percent.

This is great news for home sellers and buyers.

Buyers can enter the market with certainty and confidence.

Sellers should consider listing their homes for sale now knowing the ‘pre-Christmas movers’ are about to get active.

If you need our help now we are standing by.

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August Single Family Market Report

Single family home prices stay higher in August.

Sales Prices

Sales prices continue to climb. In August 2023, average sales prices settled at around $473,000 down slightly on the month, before but $12,000 more than August 2022. This might have been driven by the possibility of interest rate increases in September, combined with lower inventory levels than normal.

Sales Volume

Sales volume over last year was up by 33%. That’s right, fully a third more homes sold when compared to August 2022. Around 1030 homes sold in August 2023 compared to 775 homes in August 2022. 

Days on Market

Average days on market in August 2023 was 43 days. This is longer than the previous 2 years. The current pace…

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