How to Sell a Home Now & Move Later!

Do you know of someone that would really like to sell a house or condo but is putting it off until the spring?

Perhaps you would share this information with them?


Would you enjoy the certainty of selling your home on your terms without actually moving?

Would it be helpful to pull your equity out of your home or condo to pay off urgent debts?

Are you uncomfortable selling your existing home before you have a new one selected?

Would it help if you knew exactly how much money you have to invest in your next home?

Why not take the pressure off?

Consider a sale & leaseback.

How would this work?

Sell your home to a buyer today at a certain price & with a possession date in the mid to long…

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3 Reasons Why Waiting to Buy Your Home in the Spring Could be a Huge Mistake

Most of us would prefer not to move home when it’s cold and snowy. Some buyers have told us they want to delay their move until the Spring. That decision could be a HUGE mistake.

  1.            Interest Rates Are Not Going Down

The Bank of Canada intends to reduce interest rates IF it can. Most experts agree that if interest rates are lowered it will not be by very much. There is also the possibility they will go UP before they come down. If you can afford to buy a home you like at today’s interest rate, why not just buy it?

  1.                You May Miss Out to Other Buyers

Want to wait for that ‘cream-puff’ home that will be listed in the spring? Line up.…

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October Condo Market Report

The Edmonton condo market is HOT. Prices are lifting and sales volume continues to grow at impressive levels.

Sales Prices

condo prices october 2023

Condo sales prices climbed again for October 2023 at an average price of almost $230,000. This is 10% up over the same month last year and the highest prices all year.

Sales Volume


There were over 460 condos sold in October compared to around 300 units sold in October 2022. This represents an increase in volume of 48%. This is the 6th consecutive month of volume sales growth.

Days on Market

Condos sold for an average days on market of only 54 days. This is faster than the previous 2 years at 55 and 63 days. Buyers are selecting condo units quickly and with confidence. 

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October Single Family Market Report

Single family home prices stay higher in October.

Sales Prices

October single family prices edmonton

Sales prices continue to climb. In October 2023, average sales prices settled at almost $464,000 down slightly on the month before, but up $14,000 compared to October 2022. For the last 4 months, sales values have equaled or exceeded sales values for the same time last year. The single-family home market is trending up.

Sales Volume

Sales volume over last year was up by 21% and the month before was 22% up That’s right, fully a third more homes sold. Around 841 homes sold in October 2023 compared to 693 homes in October 2022. 

Days on Market

Average days on market in October 2023 was 42 days. This is 6 days faster than last…

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Jo Green talks about Stuart Neal & her experience

Google 5 Star ***** Review

Jo Green talks about her experience of working with Stuart Neal

My husband and I first started speaking to Stuart over a year ago, when we were living in the UK.

We had all our plans in motion to move to Canada and found Stuart on a Facebook page. We started chatting generally about houses in the areas we could afford and what we were looking for, but as emigrating was a long process, we waited a while to reach out again.
Once we found out we had weeks to move from the UK, we contacted Stuart with (what seemed to us) a rash decision to buy house without even viewing it.
In the UK house prices are so very expensive, we believed that the house we had found was a rare gem and would go before we even arrived and our ideal first home…

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In the Edmonton area condos are extremely undervalued when compared to single family homes. Single family home sales values have long recovered from the last crash in 2008. Condominiums have not, making them a bargain in comparison. There are also some advantages to consider.

  1.        Lower Maintenance and Repairs:

Condos typically require less maintenance and upkeep compared to single-family homes. Many maintenance tasks, such as lawn care, exterior painting, and roof repairs, are often the responsibility of the condo association. This can free up your time and reduce the financial burden of major repairs, as the costs are shared among condo owners through association fees. In contrast, single-family homeowners are solely responsible for all…

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