Preferred Partner – TFK Renovations

Selecting a contractor to refurbish your kitchen, your bathrooms, your basement, or even your entire home can be a tricky business.

Finding a contractor that charges fairly, keeps their promises, and delivers a result on time is not always easy. That’s why I suggest you take a look at TFK Renovations.

Established for over 8 years at the time of writing. Owned and managed by Cheryl Fuller Kiziak and Marcel Turcotte, these contractors have worked for me personally. I would highly recommend them.

When they first started, they were the official contractor for IKEA in Edmonton. Since that time, they have branched out and today they can offer their own line of cabinets, alongside preferred access to the IKEA…

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November Single Family Market Report

Single family home prices stay higher in November.

Sales Prices

Sales prices continue to climb. In November 2023, average sales prices settled at almost $458,000 down slightly on the month before, but up by $8,000 compared to November 2022. For the last 5 months, sales values have equaled or exceeded values for the same time last year. The single-family home market is trending up. When compared to 2022, average prices are 3% up based on average sales value.

Sales Volume



Around 770 homes sold in November 2023 compared to 570 homes in November 2022. For the last 6 months sales volume has easily matched or exceeded volume for 2022.

Days on Market


Average days on market in November…

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November Condo Market Report

The Edmonton condo market is alive and well. Sales volume is very strong. Prices remain moderate.

Sales Prices

Condo sales prices softened in November in line with seasonal trends. The average price paid was around $205,000. Condo buyers were able to drive a hard bargain in November. This is around $10,000 LESS than this time last year or 5% down. The last half of the year has seen prices improve. However, buyers were winning big discounts in the spring and this drives down average prices for the yeear. For the entire year, we expect the average prices for condos to be around 4% less than in 2022.


Sales Volume

There were around 440 condos sold in November compared to around 290 units sold in…

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