3 Ways to Avoid Confusion & Overwhelm When Buying a Home in 2024

When looking for a home its easy to get excited and overwhelmed. Follow these steps for best results:

1. Prioritize and Maintain a Rolling Top 3: - Limit your top choices to three homes at a time. - After seeing four homes, eliminate one with your agent's help. - Rank your top three choices, designating one as your first pick to stay focused.

2. Embrace Imperfection: - Understand there's no perfect home. - Rate each home on a scale of 1 to 100. - Consider any home scoring 85 or higher as a strong contender.

3. Recognize Cream Puff Homes: - Be aware of exceptionally appealing homes. - Act quickly if you find a Cream Puff home that scores above 85 on your scale. - Don't wait…

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5 Ways to Win Your Dream Home in a Multiple Offer Situation

In the competitive hot spring market of 2024, lacking a proven strategy to succeed in multiple offer situations can lead to recurring disappointment and concern. Our team has crafted a meticulous 5-step method to bolster your offer's chances of triumph. Here's an overview of our process. We encourage you to discuss this approach with your REALTOR® to ensure a successful outcome.

1. Forge a Relationship with the Listing Agent:

It's surprising how many REALTORS® overlook this pivotal step. Instead of simply submitting an offer based on client instructions, your REALTOR®  should take the initiative to establish rapport with the listing agent. Building this connection can set your offer…

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3 Things We Like About Daytona Homes

Daytona Homes is a division of the family owned Tacada real estate company with strong Alberta roots. It was the Daytona brand established over 30 years ago that launched Tacada into the market leading to other brands and product offerings including City Homes, Accent Infills and Carriage Signature Homes.

We especially love the mission of the Tacada real estate company. Tally Hutchinson, the CEO and son of the founder Ralph Hutchinson puts it this way. “We enable the memories that only shelter, safety and stability can bring. We can never take for granted the immense impact of what we do every day.”

Daytona homes is a volume builder competing in the mid price- to higher end of the market. We believe that…

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3 Strategies for Success in the Hot Spring Real Estate Market of 2024

If you're eager to navigate the dynamic Edmonton spring housing market in 2024, whether it's for your first home, an upgrade, or downsizing, the intense competition & rising prices might pose challenges. Here are three effective ways to come out on top:

1. Act Promptly & Assertively

Move swiftly when a new property hits the market. Request your REALTOR®  to schedule a showing immediately. Be proactive by making an offer promptly; waiting for discounts might not be viable in the current scenario. Consider offering at or above the asking price for newly listed properties. Align with the seller's preferences on possession date, fixtures, fittings, & keep your condition dates…

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February 2024 Single Family Market Report

Single family home sales volume stayed higher, and prices lifted again in February.

Sales Prices

Single family homes prices climbed to just under $481,0000 in February 2024 compared to $440,000 in 2023, an increase of 9%. Due to the shortage of inventory (see supply later in this report) we expect prices to climb even further as the spring market emerges.

Sales Volume

The number of single-family homes sold in February 2024 is perhaps an even bigger story. There were 934 homes sold compared to less than 600 homes this time last year. This represents an increase of 63%. Let’s not forget, January sales exceeded last year by 51%. Perhaps this is an emerging trend?

Days on Market

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2024 February Condo Market Report

The Edmonton condo market is alive and well. Sales volume is very strong. Prices are lifting.

Sales Prices

In February 2024 condo sales prices ended 3% up when compared to the same month last year. This is a marked improvement over January when condo prices ended at 1% up.

Sales Volume

Volume for condo sales in January and February 2024 is the big story so far this year. There were over 500 units posted sold on MLS system compared to around 350 last year. This represents an impressive 45% lift in sales volume.

This is the 10th consecutive month of volume sales growth.

Days on Market


Condos sold for an average days on market of only 50 days compared 63 days last year and 59 days…

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Holly Taylor talks about her experience as a team member

Holly Taylor has been with our team for a year. Here is what she has to say about her experience of being a partner with our team.

1. Reasons for Joining Ambergate Realty Advisors Team:

The excellent training and mentoring attracted me even before officially joining.

I preferred a smaller, close-knit team over a large, impersonal brokerage.

Stuart Neal, our Team Leader, played a significant role in identifying and preparing business opportunities for me, allowing me to focus on building client relationships, showing homes, and negotiating purchases.

2. Positive Aspects of My Experience:

Even after almost a year, I continue to appreciate the individual and team training…

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