2024 June Condo Market Report

The Edmonton condo market is alive and well. Sales volume is remains very strong. Prices continue to rise, particularly townhomes.

Sales Prices


In June 2024 condo sales prices ended 10% up when compared to the same month last year with an average price of around $246,000. This is the highest price point over the last 3 years. However, its worth noting that the number is skewed by improving condo townhomes prices. Apartment style condo prices have been slower to improve and in many cases are still significantly lower than years gone by. If you are a seller, this might be a challenge. If you are a buyer could this represent an opportunity?

Sales Volume

In June there were 731 units posted sold on MLS…

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June 2024 Single Family Market Report

Single family home sales volume stayed high. Prices have softened now that the spring market is over.

Sales Prices

Single family homes prices averaged around $516,000 in June 2024, compared to around $468,000 in 2023, an increase of 10% over the previous year. However, prices have started to moderate now that we have entered the mature summer market.

Sales Volume

There was around 1240 single family homes sold in June 2024, an increase of just 3% over June last year. We expect any further increases to be modest for the rest of the year given that the market dramatically overperformed for the first half of the year.

Days on Market

The average number of days on market in June 2024 was…

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