We find that many consumers use Realtor.ca in the mistaken belief that they are looking at the actual MLS® System used by Realtors®. They are NOT. Realtor.ca (formerly MLS.ca) is nothing more than a data feed provided by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) in Ottawa, taken from all of the different Realtors® Associations across the country and presented to the general public as a kind of ‘shop window’. Only Realtors® can access the actual MLS® System. There is some distinct disadvantages in relying solely on www.Realtor.ca when you search for a home.

For example:

1. Not Easy To Search in Detail

Because the website has to present information from a large number of actual MLS® Systems (all of which collate data differently) the ability for the consumer to search in detail is very limited. Only general searches are possible.

2. Not Real Time

It’s out of date. We often receive enquiries a week or more AFTER we have actually sold a home. Sometimes consumers get quite upset about this and we completely understand the frustration that they might feel. However, we do suggest a solution (see further down this post).

3. Clunky Registration Process

Want to save a search? Get ready for a clunky sign in and registration process. We know of one consumer who had been trying to get through the website wall for more than 30 minutes, before they gave up in frustration.

What’s The Alternative?

Find a website specific to the area you want to buy into. Our own website is just one example of a great place to find a home in the Edmonton area: www.AmbergateHomes.com.

Here are some popular links we offer:

Homes for Families
Homes for First Time Buyers
Town Houses for Professionals

Every month, hundreds of home buyers register and successfully use our website as their primary home search tool. You can search in real time. Registration is quick and easy. You can search in detail across many criteria. You can save searches and send us an enquiry request when you find a home you want to buy.

Can we help you? We can assist you in purchasing ANY home or condo in the metro Edmonton market.  For more information contact our broker owner Stuart Neal. He can be reached at 780-760-2014. 

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