Intuitively, getting into real estate in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic might not seem like a great idea. Ideally you will have your license already. If not, then you have a few months study ahead of you, but that’s OK. The market will still be ready for you.

Here are 3 good reasons why this might just be your moment:

1. The REALTOR® Community Will Be Thinning Out

The market for REALTORS® is crowded. As a new practitioner, one of your many challenges will be to find clients who are not already working with a REALTOR®. The current crisis, combined with the fact that our industry subscriptions are up at the end of March, will encourage many ‘old timers’ and ‘part-timers’ to leave the industry. This will present opportunities to service many of the ‘orphaned’ home buyers that have been working with a particular REALTOR® up to this point.

2.  Many Existing REALTORS® Will Give Up

REALTORS® are in many cases much like the rest of the population. They will worry themselves into failure. The job of a REALTOR® is two-fold. 1. Find and win new clients. 2. Service those clients until they buy or sell a home. In times of general despondency, many REALTORS® will simply shut down. They will stop making their daily follow up calls, they won’t reach out to new clients anymore. They set themselves into a downward spiral until failure becomes inevitable.

 3.   Our Market is Getting Busy

Year in and year out. The market gets busier across metro Edmonton every year. This was true in 2003 during the SARS crisis when 13,258 homes and condos were purchased in metro Edmonton*. It was also true during the H1N1 crisis in 2009 when 15,356 homes and condos were purchased across metro Edmonton. I suspect that after a few weeks it will also become true during this, the Coronavirus pandemic. So far this year 2,062 homes and condos have been purchased across metro Edmonton.

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