Do the professional accountants, lawyers, dentists and doctors in your life make appointments? Or do they allow clients and potential clients to just ‘drop in’ whenever they feel like it? Most work on an appointment basis and you will need fit in with their schedule. And of course, you are happy to do so because you respect them because of the value they bring using their skills, knowledge, time and because you have a relationship with them.

Why should your real estate career be any different?

I’ve seen many REALTORS® burn themselves out or sacrifice their family life by acting like pop tart agents. You know those that have no plan and are completely reactive to whatever happens in their day. With one or two exceptions, REALTORS® like this are not strong performers, have no quality of life, earn no respect from their clientele and have short careers.

Serving clients to the best of your ability is one thing. Recognising that you are a human being with direct dependents and personal needs is another. There’s simply no need to miss out on your child’s sports day, wedding anniversary or graduation, just because a prospective client requests you meet them on a day and time of their choosing.

Here is how I suggest you run your business:

1. Time Block

This one is crucial. You are gifted with 86000 thousand seconds, 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week. You must decide when you are available to clients and when you are not.

2. Set Expectations

You must communicate those times. The REALTORS® on my team explain to potential clients that although they are very special, they are not their only clients and as professionals we are almost always multi-tasking. Communicate clearly what times and days you are available for communications and showings. Why not ‘award’ a certain time slot each day to a particular buyer client and make it clear that if they want to see that ‘hot new listing’ that it’s going to happen during the time slot allocated to them.

3. Add value & have options

You cannot work with everyone. As you interact with prospective clients make sure you take the time to build a relationship and add value. You can do this by offering unique insights, information and by making helpful and suggestions based on your interactions. Over time, your pipeline of opportunity will grow and if you left a good impression, people will refer you to others.

By ensuring that you have a large and dynamic pipeline of existing and potential clients, you develop options. Some people will respect your work patterns. Others will need to be let go or referred to others.

For ideas on how you enjoy access to a ‘readymade’ pipeline of prospective clients, or how might build your own pipeline of opportunity, feel free to contact me. I’m always glad to help.

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