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Are you serious about buying a home? Do it in the week, do it during the day. Be first.

One thing that we constantly face is home buyer complacency. Many of the clients we work with initially want to see homes when they are not at work. This normally means evenings and weekends. This approach has several downsides for you and we suggest you start thinking a little differently.

Here are 4 reasons why you should shop for homes during the day, in the week:

1. You See the Home More Realistically

Want to shop for home in the evening? Depending upon the time of the year this could be big mistake. If it’s dark every time you tour a home how can you possibly assess what it would be like to live in the home for real? Most of us spend time in our homes when there is plenty of daylight. You will never be able to asses a home’s layout, its colour scheme, its position relative to its neighbors and the position of the sun, if you see it at night.

2. The Best Homes May Sell Before You See Them

Currently homes are selling in less than 55 days. The best homes sell within days and often with multiple offers. Home sellers are not going to wait for you to get around to a viewing one evening or next weekend. The best homes may be sold before you ever get there.

3. It's More Relaxing

If you insist on evening and weekend viewings, the competition is more intense. If you shop during the day and in the week, there is less traffic on the roads, so getting between homes is easy. The sellers are usually at work so you can really take your time to look around a home without the pressure of other buyers waiting to come in after you.

4. You May Be the Only One at The Party

If you see a new listing and put in an offer say on a Tuesday or a Thursday. You might just secure your dream home, before the weekend shoppers even get a look in. You get much more control over the negotiations and you avoid the possibility of multiple offers.

Are you serious about buying a home? Do it in the week, do it during the day. Be first.

Can we help you? We can assist you in purchasing ANY home or condo in the metro Edmonton market. And we will give you cash when you move in. For more information contact our broker owner Stuart Neal. He can be reached at 780-760-2014 or visit

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