I attended a presentation given by Dan Stewart who heads up Happy Grasshopper, a professional copywriting firm this past week. He shared some interesting statistics that suggest we need to behave differently and change our expectations when it comes to online lead generation.

Here’s What I Learned

1. Online lead generation has exploded. Consumers are more than willing to participate. A study was conducted some years back in the US and they found that there were 4 million leads generated against a total of 4.5 million deals that year. That’s almost a ratio of one to one.

2. In more recent times there were 100 million leads generated against a total of 5.5 million deals. That’s a ratio of one to eighteen. Or in other words a consumer has registered somewhere to indicate interest on different websites perhaps 18 or more times. You DON’’T have an exclusive. At least not at first!

3. The consumer is seeking information, but they are also doing it in lots of places. Dan suggested that if they are subjected to early screening questions like “are you working with a REALTOR®” they simply find it annoying and are more likely to shut you down and move on.

Would it not be better to spend some time reaching out and offering valuable information and insights?

4. Dan also shared that the reasons for registration on websites are based on different levels of intent. Some people are simply registering because they were forced so that they could see home details. They might not be in the market in perhaps a year or more. Sometimes never. Dan reported that he heard of one client who worked with a buyer that had registered 7 years before.

5. Other registrants are in the market soon or perhaps even now. In these cases, if you are helpful and valuable, the consumer will interact.

6. Dan also quoted the NAR follow up stats. Most agents follow up 1.5 times by phone and or perhaps send 2 emails before they give up.

And yet we know that success comes much later in most cases. You must consider the intent of the registrant and that they may be very early in the cycle. I speak to this in an earlier blog and You Tube video on my coaching channel.

Here are the links: 5 Attempts The Secret Sauce and here Watch this short Video to learn about lead conversion secrets

What Do I Suggest You Do?

1. Stop trying to screen early by asking the prospective client if they are already working with a REALTOR®. Consumers find it annoying and they will tell you of their own accord and in good time.

2. Overserve and be especially helpful right out the gate. Overwhelm the prospective client with attention, care, knowledge, advice and support. In other words, treat them like they are already a client. Once you have earned the right to an exclusive working relationship with that client, they will be more than happy to sign a Buyer Brokerage agreement.

3. Stay in touch and follow up relentlessly until they buy or do something else. Nobody minds if you follow up, provided you do it “with the heart of a servant” and if you don’t come across as a pushy salesperson.

4. Use a combination of phone, text, email and on website messaging if your website offers such an option. The consumer is likely to respond to different approaches based on their preferences and their intent at the time you reach out to them.

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