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Many people will be surprised to learn that prices across Edmonton are around the same as last year and the year before. Since sales values slumped in March due to Covid 19, we have seen a steady recovery, but will it be sustained?

Sales Values

So far this August, average sales prices have been around $370,000 compared to $371,000 last year and around $375,000 in 2018. Prices have strengthened since March and we anticipate that they will remain stable for the balance of this year.

Days on Market

Home buyers have purchased quickly. Average days on market so far in August is only 54 days, compared to 62 days last year and 54 days in 2018.

Sales Volume

Last year there were around 1090 sales registered in August and here we

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Summerwood has emerged as one of the more affordable family friendly communities in Sherwood Park. We are pleased to present his lovely clean home at number 411 41 Summerwood Boulevard. Click here to see the details: Exclusive Ambergate Listing. 

To view ALL homes in Summerwood at this time please click on this link: ALL Summerwood Homes for Sale.


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You have decided to buy a home. It’s exciting isn’t it? You are now scouring several websites for listings. You have a good idea of what you want to buy, where you want to live & how much you want to spend

All you need now is to go out & look at some homes. Right? How about wrong?

Sometimes you have to slow down to go fast!

We have helped many home buyers through their journey & in the first instance we suggest you engage a REALTOR® / Advisor to help you complete a strategy session.

What does this mean?

It means taking a step back. It means acknowledging what you already think you want, but it also means exploring other home options and most importantly sources of homes.

Our 10 Step Home Buying Process includes a

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Lakeland Ridge is an especially popular community in Sherwood Park. We are pleased to present this well presented and well-priced townhome condo for sale. See the details here: 4 70 Cavan Road, Sherwood Park. 

To sell ALL homes for sale in Lakeland Ridge please click this link: All Lakeland Ridge Homes for Sale.


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July home sales surged and records were broken. For the second month running the number of homes sales in July easily surpassed the number of homes sold in July 2019 and July 2018.

1461 homes sold in July 2020 compared to 1286 in 2019 and only 1127 homes sold in 2018.

Home buyers were also snapping up homes quickly. Average days on market in July 2020 was only 53 days compared to 54 days in 2019.

Unfortunately, sales values continue to show disappointing results, (for home sellers that is). For home buyers the Covid 19 crisis has provided a unique one off opportunity to purchase at a discount.

The average price paid in July 2020 was $367,546 compared to $378.740 in 2019, a difference of 3%.

However, since the slump in March caused

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What Do Many People Think the Job is About?

Many people we talk to want to get into real estate for 4 keys reasons:

  1.     They like looking at homes & think it could be so much fun to go shopping every day
  2.     They have an interest in design or architecture
  3.     They see it as quick & easy money
  4.     They are highly individualistic, & they want to be in charge of their own destiny

What the Job is Really About

  1.     Finding & identifying people who require your services
  2.     Developing relationships with people
  3.     Providing people with information, insight, expert advice & confidence to make decisions
  4.     Long hours & you might often be expected to work at times when most people want to be off work

The Benefits of

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Your broker & brokerage enable you to legally trade in real estate. At the very minimum the brokerage is responsible for supporting your licence & acts as an admin centre for processing your transactions.

However, not all brokerages are created equal

Consider looking for a brokerage that can support you in 3 key areas:

  1.     Identification of new clients (on-line or from the market & community)
  2.     Training (technical & client management skills)
  3.     Brokerage & conveyancing services

Like most things in life you get what you pay for.

Low Fees – Low Support

Some brokerages offer you nothing more than a place to deposit paperwork & collect commission cheques.

You will have to look elsewhere for training, mentoring & set up

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It’s been my experience that many new licensees simply don’t take the time to learn about the industry in terms of how its structured or where the best opportunities might be for them. Let’s spend a couple of minutes discussing this.

In the past the industry was very easy to enter i.e. low barriers to entry. An easy licencing process & lower costs.

Every year it gets harder & more expensive to enter the industry.

The industry in general still operates on 2 levels. Brokerage & thousands of

“cottage industries” i.e. many one band REALTORS®.

Consumers are now demanding a higher level of service, 24/7.

Across north America we are seeing 2 growth trends emerge:

  1.                Local boutique brokerages (many consumers &
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Working as a residential REALTOR® is still one of the lowest cost – highest return business opportunities available to you.

However, you will still carry overhead. You must also be prepared to spend a great deal of your time building momentum.

In general, your annual overhead could look like this:

Sole practitioner

(in a traditional brokerage)

Team Member

Ambergate Realty Advisors

Annual licencing & memberships

(per annum)



Website maintenance (website set up might be an additional $5,000 to 10,000)



Electronic tools

(doc signing & transaction management)



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Our name sums up our core values.


Amber - considered by many to hold healing qualities.


Gate - a sign of transition.  


In essence, we help clients 'move forward' & make a positive transition. If you see yourself as a trusted advisor rather than a salesperson, we could be a great fit for you.


Our Strengths

We are a distinct established & local brand boutique brokerage. Collectively our team has decades of home buying & selling experience.

We help introduce you to potential buyer clients. We offer you the use of our excellent website with a fully functional CRM (Client Relationship Management system) built in.

We have created a comprehensive online & offline marketing campaign for the benefit of the entire

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