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Rutherford in the south west of Edmonton is one of the most popular and sought after communities in Edmonton. We are pleased to present this lovely 18 plus home for sale. To see all of the details please click on this link: Unit 37 for sale. 

To view ALL condo bungalows in Rutherford please click this link: All Condo Bungalows for Sale.

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2 Ways To Downsize

There is essentially 2 ways to downsize. Spatial and Financial. Sometimes it might be a combination of both. Sometimes people downsize spatially and upsize financially.

Spatial downsizing is easily the most popular choice many of our clients make. After rattling around in the former family home for a few years it makes sense to move into something smaller. The upside to this move is of course less time spent cleaning. The downside is that this sometimes means less personal space for couples in particular.

Financial downsizing means simply reducing overhead. A smaller space often means lower heating bills, fewer maintenance bills and in some cases lower property taxes.

What Do Your Spatial Options Look Like?

To achieve a spatial downsize

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Don’t fall into the trap of complacency. At this time of the year, hundreds of home sellers witness outstanding success and sell for full market value.

Based on last year’s market statistics (this year is very similar) almost 1600 homes will sell across metro Edmonton between November 1st and December 31st 2019. Average days on market will be around 69 days. For an overview of the market across the year, please click on this link to see the detail: Edmonton Market Report

Here’s why you could do well:

  1. Reduced competition. Many sellers just give up until Spring. Buyers who are looking now are motivated. They might pay you a premium price, if they can move in quickly.
  2. Home values often go up. Based on last year’s statistics house selling
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One year ago, Nic Jacura joined us from one of the major franchises. We are pleased to have him on our team and we look forward to helping Nic build his career and have him service our client’s for years to come.

It would seem Nic has enjoyed his time with us. Here is his testimonial:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Stuart Neal and the Ambergate Realty Advisors team. The tools I have been offered upon joining the Ambergate brokerage have allowed me to successfully transition into the Edmonton real estate

market and grow my career. Stuart ensures he is readily available to provide support when needed and is continuously looking for ways to provide learning opportunities for team members. I recommend the Ambergate brokerage to

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We would like to welcome Rohan Mani to our team of realty advisors. Rohan worked with Purple Bricks for 4 years, before joining our team.

Rohan grew up in Edmonton and has a strong bond with the city. Rohan wants to become your partner in finding your ideal home. He wants your next home purchase to be informed and a worry free experience.

To connect with Rohan please click on this link: Rohan Mani contact details

About the author:

You can read more about the author of this blog by clicking this link – Stuart Neal Broker Owner & REALTOR®

Want more information about our lower cost FLAT FEE home selling programs? Please feel free to call our broker owner Stuart Neal at: 780-760-2014 or visit our home seller’s page

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We are pleased to offer another home for sale in our very own Bellevue – Highlands community. This home is very well presented and bargain priced for the neighbourhood. To learn more please click on this link: Home for Sale.

To see ALL homes for sale click on this link: ALL Highlands Bellevue Homes for Sale.

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4 Smart Ways to Sell Your Home during Halloween

In our market, i.e. metro Edmonton Alberta, many people just love Halloween. Perhaps it’s a family tradition? You put up those inflatable spiders, ghouls or Frankenstein like monsters on your front lawn. You festoon your windows with “Witch” shaped stickers and some of your tricks make a loud noise.

It’s fun, isn’t it?

What if we told you that these most of these things could hurt your chances of selling your home?

Our advice?

  1. Avoid obstructing the view of the home, making it scary or associating it with death, (picture those tombstones that some folks install). These things just give the wrong impression.

  2. Avoid placing stickers on windows that block out light. We suggest you avoid these completely.

So, if your

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According to one study in the United States more than 90% of older folks would prefer to stay in their home as they age. And this is perfectly understandable. However, fewer people actually do the research to confirm that the home can be adapted to suit or that they can afford the make the changes, maintain the home and perhaps buy in special services when required.

Here some ideas you may wish to consider:

  1. Is the home suitable? Are you near key services for example healthcare, public transportation or shopping? What about the stairs? Is the home in a good state of repair? Can you clear the snow and do the yard work?

  2. Bathroom. Can you still use the tub? Do you need to install a walk-in tub or shower? Can you add support rails

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5 Reasons to Buy Your Home in October

Do you want to buy a home? Are you afraid that you have waited too long? Don’t despair. For many home buyers this is the perfect time. Let’s discuss why.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy now:

1.  There is lots of homes for sale

Based on last year around 2000 home buyers will purchase before the end of the year. Will you be one of them?

2.  Less competition

Many home buyers are starting to give up. If you shop for a home you will face much less competition.

3. You might get a discount

If you can find a home seller that has languished on the market all summer this might be the time to ask them for a big discount. Their choice might be to give up until next year or to allow you to buy it.

4.  You could be home by Christmas

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