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I follow the teachings of the folks at Ninja selling. They don’t have a magic bullet as to how to instantly win more clients, but they do provide a lot of information regarding how to conduct yourself. Larry Kendal released a podcast this week and he suggests we use the incoming 5G phenomena as a prompt for governing ourselves. You may be aware that the 5G (5th generation) network is the next big thing in terms of the internet related world.

Here are Larry’s 5G’s. I thought it was good.

Gratitude – Grateful people are nicer to be around. They are calmer and more giving. Do you focus more on what you want over, that which you already have?

Goals – As Larry puts it, goals are the rocket fuel that keeps you going. As an alternative why not think…

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We recently helped Cynthia and Blake sell their Paisley home and upgrade to a larger home in the Chappelle area. Here is what they had to say about their experience…

Google 5 Star Review 

We could not have been happier with our experience with the Ambergate team!
We worked with Stuart to sell our home and Yue helped us find our dream home. The best thing about our experience with Ambergate was that we always knew they had our best interest at heart. Both went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and offered any extra help they could. They took the time to get to know us and let us control the speed and choices of this huge life change without any pressure. We trust the Ambergate team and would absolutely recommend them to any…

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Good family homes in Rundle Heights can be hard to find. We are pleased to confirm we have just listed this one for sale with 4 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms. Click the link to read the details. Exclusive Home Listed by Ambergate Realty Advisors. 

To see ALL homes listed for sale in Rundle Heights click this link: ALL Homes listed.

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We recently assisted Chad Leibel and sold his home in Spruce Grove. Here is how he summed up his experience. Thank you, Chad.

Google 5 Star Review

“Stuart was very professional and a hard negotiator for us in which saved us a lot of money and time.” 

Want more information about our full-service FLAT FEE home selling programs? Please feel free to call our broker owner Stuart Neal at: 780-760-2014 or visit our home sellers page

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If a real estate investor asked you to advise them on the appropriate selection of residential real estate for purchase, would you know how to approach it? 

The title of this blog paraphrases a line by Steven Covey “begin with the end in mind”.  

I suggest you advise your potential investor client to consider a potential real estate opportunity on three levels.  

Can you think of any others? 

1. How can they add value to the property along the way? 

What can they renovate, improve, or change to increase the intrinsic value of the real estate? 

2. How easily will they be able to liquidate the real estate when the time comes? 

In other words, is there going to be a wide market and plenty…

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The title of this blog paraphrases a line by Steven Covey “begin with the end in mind”.

As a potential investor perhaps you should consider a potential real estate opportunity on three levels.

Can you think of any others?

1. How can you add value to the property along the way?

What can you renovate, improve, or change to increase the intrinsic value of the real estate?

2. How easily will you be able to liquidate the real estate when the time comes?

In other words, is there going to be a wide market and plenty of interested buyer candidates for the real estate when you decide to sell?

3. And finally, how much should you pay for the real estate given the rental constraints of the market?

Here is a simple step by step method to…

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I started following new industry members to better understand why we have such a high drop out rate. Based on anecdotal information from the Edmonton REALTORS® Association (RAE) only around 25% of new industry members are still working as REALTORS®, 2 years after becoming industry members.

Based on successive interviews and dialog across my growing sample community of over 100 newer industry members, I would describe the experiences and performances of new industry members as follows. In general, members ‘mostly’ fall into one of 3 groups. The third group that I have called “Stragglers” has several sub-groups.

1. Those with a Large Sphere of Influence (SOI)

Perhaps these members have a large and close family. Perhaps they are natural…

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In June, average sales prices moderated and came down just a touch and as expected. Sales volume however continued to surprise with record sales numbers. Days on market stayed low, compared to last year.

Sales Values

In June 2021, average sales prices were $404,467, 12% UP when compared to June 2020. In May 2021, prices were a tad higher at $405,047. Have we seen the peak for the year? I would expect prices to moderate with the possibility of a second ‘mini peak” during the last 3 to 4 months of the year.

Sales Volume

Last year there were 1370 total Edmonton sales registered in June. This year, June 2021 confirmed record breaking activity with 1507 sales registered. I expect to report a gradual drop off in activity over the…

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If you are like most people, your home buying journey will start a long time before you finally move into your dream home.

Based on industry research and observation, here’s what your journey may look like:

Phase 1

For one, two, or perhaps even three years, you will contemplate the dream of a new home. Perhaps you are renting, or perhaps you have a smaller home, or perhaps you have a larger home and dream of downsizing. Whatever it is, you will likely give much thought to the ‘idea’ of a new home. You may also spend a great deal of time ‘window shopping’ on websites.

Phase 2

For most people already living in the Edmonton area, you enter the second phase about two or three months before you purchase. As your thoughts, wants and desires…

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Has it ever happened to you? Your clients are shopping for a new home. You have found them perhaps 10 to 20 good listings and they are anxious to go out and look at all of them.

You set up the showings to see 10 of them on day one and 10 of them on day 2. And now your first round of showings is over.

How do you feel? How do your clients feel? I’m betting you are both feeling confused and overwhelmed. I’m betting your clients feel no further forward in their home search before you took them out to see all those homes.

Why not follow this step-by-step process instead? If you do, your clients home search will be more enjoyable, more effective and a lot more productive. Start with the idea of a “Rolling Top 3”

1. The Rolling Top 3


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