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In March, sales volume blew through the roof compared to last year. With strong buyer demand and lower inventory, we anticipate brisk activity during the second quarter of 2021.

Sales Values

In March 2021, average sales prices were just under $396,000 compared to just under $346,000 last year, or 14% UP. Prices have strengthened during the last 3 months and we anticipate that they will stay high. 

Days on Market

Buyers have been snapping up homes very quickly. Average days on market in March was only 41 days, compared to 60 days in 2020 and 55 days in 2019.

Sales Volume

Last year there were around 775 total sales registered in March and here we are at month end with 1448 units reported sold, equal to an 87% increase over…

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The resale market especially for single family homes is HOT. If you are in the market for a home this year, you may have to change your expectations and behavior.

Perhaps the first thing you should do is give up the idea of buying a home with a big discount. Condos are an exception to this rule.

Based on results for the first quarter of this year, homes across Edmonton are selling for more 7% MORE than during the first quarter of last year. They are also selling for more than the first quarter of 2019.

Chances are high that the best homes are going to sell in multiple offer situations.

How can you win? Here are some ideas:

1. Construct an offer with terms and a possession date that will be acceptable to the seller. Ask your REALTOR® to…

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Heather Glen is a popular family focused community in Spruce Grove. We are pleased to present this exclusive listing for sale. Click here to view the details on the exclusive Ambergate Realty listing – 19 Heather Glen Close Spruce Grove. 

To see ALL homes for sale in Spruce Grove please click here: All Spruce Grove Homes for Sale.

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Perhaps you were lucky enough to receive a sign call, a website inquiry, maybe another REALTOR® in your office passed you a lead?

Or perhaps you are fortunate to be on a team, where you receive a steady supply of inbound home buyer opportunities?

In all cases, you must be good at converting mere inquiries into committed client relationships. How good are you? Do you give up after the first couple of calls?

According to one study I read a couple of years back, most REALTORS® make less than 2 calls and assume the person that made the enquiry is a time waster.

Here’s what I have learned over the years.

Speed to lead is crucial. Conventional wisdom used to be, that a lead for MUST be followed up within 15 minutes of receipt and a minimum of…

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If you have been following the housing market these past few months, you have probably started to realize that things have been hotting up and especially so in the single-family market. The market tanked back in March 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, but since that time the market for resale homes and in particular single-family homes, has strengthened month on month. This is especially true for the first quarter of 2021. At the time of writing, (March 26th, 2021) sales volume across Edmonton is around 30% UP compared to the first quarter of 2021, and sales prices are 7% UP, based on a blended first quarter average and 13% UP in March, compared to March of last year, (which is when the effect of Covid really kicked in).

If like most people you…

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You’ve worked hard for months showing many homes to your buyer client and they are finally ready to make an offer. You draft the offer and you are ready to send it over to the listing agent.

Are you one of those REALTORS® that makes little effort? Or do you take some time to make sure your clients offer will be taken seriously and with proper consideration? Do you add value?

Here’s a Poor Approach

Get the listing agents email address. Attach the offer. Press send. Hope for the best.

Here’s a Superior Approach

1.  Find out what’s important to the seller. You may have to contact the listing agent first and ask some questions. You can use your first offer as a probe. It enables you to make a proposal to the seller that may or may not be…

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Looking for a value priced home in the popular southside community of Ellerslie? Look no further. We have just listed this home for sale. Click here to see the details for this exclusive Ambergate Realty Advisors listing Ambergate Realty Home for Sale. 

To view ALL homes for sale in Ellerslie at this time just go here: ALL Ellerslie Homes for Sale.

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I’ve noticed that many new REALTORS® simply miss the signals. They are showing a client homes. The client is ready, but they miss the signs that their client would really like to buy this home. The client is waiting for some direction and encouragement. It’s time to act.

Here are 5 signs to watch out for the next time you go out with a client:

1.  When their eyes are wide open 

When your client’s eyes are dilated they are receptive and interested. They like what they see. Compare that look in your mind with when a persons eyes are closed and not welcoming.

2. When the get “lovey dovey” with each other 

A couple who start holding hands and openly increase their level of affection for each other, may well be in purchase mode. You can…

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We are thrilled to welcome Yue Wang to our team of REALTORS and advisors.

Yue is has lived in Edmonton for the last 10 years. He is married and has a young daughter.

Yue came to the real estate industry first as an investor. Today, he enjoys advising other investors, as well as providing guidance to home buyers and home sellers.

In his spare time, Yue is passionate about deep sea and freshwater fishing. Of course, he also enjoys spending time with his family.

Within 5 years, Yue aims to a very successful investor and all-round real estate practitioner.

About the author:

You can read more about the author of this blog by clicking this link - Stuart Neal Broker Owner & REALTOR® .

You can hear and Stuart tell you more on his You Tube…

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