3 Things We Like About Sterling Homes

Sterling Homes is a division of the large Qualico corporation with roots in Winnipeg. Other Qualico brands that operate in the Edmonton market include Pacesetter and Streetside.

Sterling homes is a volume builder competing in the mid-priced market tier. We have found that that their homes appeal to first-time buyers, young families, and perhaps even downsizers.

The 3 things that we like the most about Sterling Homes are as follows:

1. A wide choice of communities

A quick look at the Sterling communities map (click this link) confirms that you can choose to live in any quadrant of the city. You might also choose to go out to Spruce Grove / Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan or Beaumont.

2. Are you in…

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4 Reasons to Make Edmonton Your Home in 2024

Edmonton, Alberta, offers a variety of attractions and qualities that make it an appealing place to live. Here are four great reasons to consider living in Edmonton:

Economic Opportunities:

Edmonton is known for its robust economy, driven by industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. The city is a hub for business and innovation, providing numerous job opportunities and career growth potential. The thriving economy contributes to a relatively high standard of living for residents.

Cultural and Recreational Amenities:

Edmonton boasts a vibrant cultural scene with numerous festivals, events, and attractions. The city is home to the West Edmonton Mall, one of the…

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3 Quick & Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Sell in 2024

The market for single family homes & condos is predicted to be HOT during the spring of 2024. However, the often-daunting task of preparation is necessary to ensure the highest sales price.

Here are 3 quick & easy ways to get started.

1. Wash & paint the front door

As a buyer walks up to your home it’s important to create a great first impression. Nothing says ‘don’t buy me’ faster than a dirty unkempt front door. Consider giving your front door a good wash. If you have time, a fresh coat of paint will make a huge difference to your home’s ‘welcome factor’.

2. Declutter the front entryway

Have you heard of the ‘the rule of the first 5 seconds?’

Your buyer may decide to…

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Introducing Johanna Haley

Johanna Haley joins Ambergate Realty Advisors

We are pleased to welcome Johanna Haley to the Ambergate family.

Originally from Toronto, Johanna has lived in several large cities across Canada having decided to make Edmonton home for the past 20 years with her husband, her two daughters and grandson.

Johanna has worked in the world of real estate for the last 30 years, originally specializing in commercial real estate and leasing. She is now focused on residential real estate and she is sharing her skills to help people navigate the home purchasing and or selling process.

In her spare time, Johanna likes to play golf and pickleball and loves to travel.

About the author:

You can read more about the author of this blog by clicking this link - Stuart Neal,…

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4 Reasons to Consider Buying a Brand New Home in 2024

Should you buy a home that already exists, or should you buy a brand new home?

Here are 4 reasons why a new home might be the best choice.

1. Customization

New homes often offer more options for customization. Buyers can choose layouts, finishes, and even some architectural elements to suit their preferences.

2. Energy Efficiency

New homes tend to be built with modern energy-efficient materials and technology, leading to lower utility bills and a reduced environmental impact.

3. Modern Amenities

They often come equipped with the latest amenities and technology, such as smart home features, updated appliances, and efficient heating/cooling systems.

4. Warranty and…

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2023 December Condo Market Report

The Edmonton condo market is alive and well. Sales volume is very strong. Prices remain moderate.

Sales Prices

Condo sales prices recovered in December after a softer November. The average price paid was around $216,000 and this is 9% up when compared to December 2022.

And condo prices have been improving since August after a sluggish first half of the year.

Sales Volume

Since May 2023, we have witnessed improving sales numbers for condos. December finished particularly strong. There were 405 condo sales posted, up from 250 the year before. That’s a massive 62% improvement in sales volumes.

This is the 8th consecutive month of volume sales growth.

Days on Market

Condos sold for an…

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December Single Family Market Report

Single family home sales volume stayed higher in December.

Sales Prices

Sales prices settled at around $432,000 in December, down slightly on the month before as expected and lower than December 2022.

When taken as an aggregate, sales prices for 2023 ended up at 1% down on 2022, although from May prices we equal or better than the year before.

Sales Volume

The market was very busy in December. Around 880 homes sold in December 2023 compared to only 430 homes in December 2022. For the last 5 months, sales volume has easily surpassed volume for 2022. It should be noted that overall volume for the year is 9% down on the year before due to the slower start to the year.

Days on Market

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Preferred Partner – TFK Renovations

Selecting a contractor to refurbish your kitchen, your bathrooms, your basement, or even your entire home can be a tricky business.

Finding a contractor that charges fairly, keeps their promises, and delivers a result on time is not always easy. That’s why I suggest you take a look at TFK Renovations.

Established for over 8 years at the time of writing. Owned and managed by Cheryl Fuller Kiziak and Marcel Turcotte, these contractors have worked for me personally. I would highly recommend them.

When they first started, they were the official contractor for IKEA in Edmonton. Since that time, they have branched out and today they can offer their own line of cabinets, alongside preferred access to the IKEA…

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November Single Family Market Report

Single family home prices stay higher in November.

Sales Prices

Sales prices continue to climb. In November 2023, average sales prices settled at almost $458,000 down slightly on the month before, but up by $8,000 compared to November 2022. For the last 5 months, sales values have equaled or exceeded values for the same time last year. The single-family home market is trending up. When compared to 2022, average prices are 3% up based on average sales value.

Sales Volume



Around 770 homes sold in November 2023 compared to 570 homes in November 2022. For the last 6 months sales volume has easily matched or exceeded volume for 2022.

Days on Market


Average days on market in November…

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November Condo Market Report

The Edmonton condo market is alive and well. Sales volume is very strong. Prices remain moderate.

Sales Prices

Condo sales prices softened in November in line with seasonal trends. The average price paid was around $205,000. Condo buyers were able to drive a hard bargain in November. This is around $10,000 LESS than this time last year or 5% down. The last half of the year has seen prices improve. However, buyers were winning big discounts in the spring and this drives down average prices for the yeear. For the entire year, we expect the average prices for condos to be around 4% less than in 2022.


Sales Volume

There were around 440 condos sold in November compared to around 290 units sold in…

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