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Ambergate Realty Advisors is based on a team like collaborative culture. We like to partner with team minded REALTORS® and staff members who cherish the opportunity to work better together. As a result our clients receive a better experience and our professionals enjoy a high quality professional and personal life.

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The easy answer to this question is that this really depends upon you. In Alberta and under the current jurisdiction of RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta) I have witnessed many people complete the route to residential licensing in 3 to 6 months. Historically a person would have 18 months from registration with the educational institution to complete.

I know of one person who treated their education like a job. They were ready to go in only 2 weeks from start to finish.

Adding other modules (not necessary in my opinion) such as commercial, property management and rural will add to your educational timeline and these might also be added later.

However, this is about to change. RECA was instructed by the provincial government to relinquish itself…

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Yue Wang was a rookie REALTOR® just over one year ago. Our team training and marketing program added more than $100,000 to his first year’s income.

Here are 3 things that Yue told me he most enjoyed about his experience.

“First, I have really appreciated the ‘lead generation program’ that Stuart has created. I have some of my own clients, but the Ambergate program turned what would have been a good year into a great one. *

Second, I have enjoyed the ongoing support available to me when needed. Stuart’s and other team members support helped my practice grow.

And third, I have enjoyed the collaborative spirit of the team environment that Stuart fosters. Every weekly meeting has been an opportunity to share and to create positivity for us…

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You have probably been bombarded with advice to go after listings in this super-hot market and its good advice. In fact, I have a workshop coming up on April 16th packed with ideas as to how you can win them based on my 20 plus years of experience.

But, for some, working with move up buyers might be a better fit. For most REALTORS® working with buyers is a joy. Working with sellers less so.

Here are 3 reasons why move up buyers could be a better choice:

  1.     You might get 2 transactions from one client. You find a home and sell a home.
  2.     You will always need buyers in any market and the record-breaking numbers of deals in the single family and condo segments of our market confirm the business is there.
  3.     Buyers are more likely to…

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A couple of weeks ago I heard that Redfin (a prominent brokerage in the USA) encourages its agents, to show 3 homes on the first outing. Why?

1.  You stand a better chance of building a relationship,

2.  Relationships lead to loyalty,

3.  Your chance of writing an offer with the buyer goes up to 90%, (according to Redfin)

The next time you agree to show a home to a prospective client for the first time, try to get them into 3 homes. If you need to research 2 more homes ‘on the fly’ after you have shown them the first one, do it.

They will thank you for it and you will dramatically increase your chances of winning a client and getting paid.

Yue Wang a Partner / Advisor on my team used this technique this past week and converted ‘a…

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In a market of low supply that favors home sellers and not buyers it’s never been more important to load your database with as many buyer prospects as you can.

Here is why.

1.  The Law of Probability Will Favour You

As is often the case the bigger your supply the more strongly you can rely on the Pareto Principle (the 80.20 rule to favour you). 20% of your prospects will act. The other 80% will not.

2.  More Multiple Offers

You can expect to be involved in more multiple offer situations than ever before. If your pre purchase consultation and counseling skills are strong, your clients will be willing to compete and with your guidance they may produce a winning offer. In many cases you will not win and will have to try again later.…

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When I reviewed the market stats yesterday, there was 1799 condos for sale across the whole of Edmonton that’s 4% down when compared to January 2021.

And there were only 1510 single family homes for sale, down 18% on this time last year.

What does this mean for your clients?

  1.     Consider educating them to be more compromising and be ready to pay more than they had hoped for
  2.     Ensure that when you do write an offer you have done some research to find out what the seller actually values and wants, beyond the best price.
  3.     Encourage your clients to consider older listings. Most buyers ignore these assuming they are overpriced or that there is something wrong with them. The price could have been adjusted and might be priced right…

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If I could show you a way to develop your REALTOR® career. Improve some component of your life, or personality, would you be interested?

Long after most folks have abandoned their new year’s resolutions this approach will keep you on track with your REALTOR® career. The folks at Ninja Selling taught me this simple technique a few years ago and it has served me well ever since.

January is a wonderful time to start this exercise. Here’s how it works.

Pick ONE word that sums up what you would like to improve and have it pop up on your calendar every morning, or make a pledge to write it down, or say it aloud every day.

Last year my word was ‘Sharing’. It popped up every day at the foot of my calendar and so often, that I started to hear a…

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What exactly is a ‘Sphere of Influence? In simple and effective terms, I would describe it as “a large data base of folks that know like and trust you.”

Most REALTORS® expect to be build a career based on their sphere of influence and management in many brokerages support this belief. Is this a myth? Let’s examine some of the challenges with this singular approach to building a successful REALTOR® career.

Here are three reasons why you might not succeed with your sphere alone.

1. You might lack credibility

Here’s your challenge if you are new to real estate. Most of your ‘sphere’ will think of you as the person in your former work. If you were a dental hygienist, a car mechanic or an oil and gas worker, that’s how your friends and family…

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For some REALTORS® the idea of being on a team is counter intuitive. One of the reasons many folks decide to be REALTORS® is to become the masters of their own destiny. However, there are some good reasons to consider a more collaborative approach to your REALTOR® journey.

Let’s look at the cons and then the pros:


1. You may be expected to attend regular meetings to share your progress and to build a sense of community.

2. Your contribution costs to the team may be higher than if you were to ‘go it alone,’ but the number of transactions and your actual income, will exceed what you could achieve alone.

3. From time to time, you may be asked to cover and support your fellow team members. They will do the same for you when you want…

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I’m following the careers of hundreds of newer industry members to better understand why we lose so many members. According to RAE between 70% and 75% have left the industry within the first 12 months.

I recently interviewed several industry members. I asked a series of questions and below I have shared their answers. As always please call me if you have questions as to how you might improve your career. My office number is 780-760-2014 x3.

Question 1 - In the last 9 months or so what has gone particularly well for you?

“Through my network of professional and personal contacts, I have managed to stay fairly busy through referrals. I am really proud that I received an Outstanding Achievement Award of Excellence for the third quarter”.

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