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Do you need careers advice? What about mentoring? Stuart Neal our broker and team leader is always pleased to offer advice, mentoring and coaching, especially for newer REALTORS®, or those professionals that want to grow. Stuart has written about many aspects of a career in real estate and you can learn more here by reading through some of his works. You can also learn more by visiting the Ambergate Realty Advisors YouTube channel.

Ambergate Realty Advisors is based on a team like collaborative culture. We like to partner with team minded REALTORS® and staff members who cherish the opportunity to work better together. As a result our clients receive a better experience and our professionals enjoy a high quality professional and personal life.

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Megha Narula joined our team as an Inside Support Advisor almost 3 months ago. I asked Megha why she chose to align herself with Ambergate Realty Advisors. I interviewed Megha on September 3rd, 2021.

This is what she had to say.

1.  Why did you join Ambergate Realty Advisors?

Because I wanted to get my feet wet and work in the industry before I am ready to become a REALTOR®. I am now learning all the skills I need to enol, counsel and recruit new clients.

2.  Over the next 3 months what do you hope to learn?

I am perfecting my questioning, listening and probing skills so that over time the conversations I have with prospective clients are more comfortable and add value each time.

3.  What advice would you give someone when they…

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Do the professional accountants, lawyers, dentists and doctors in your life make appointments? Or do they allow clients and potential clients to just ‘drop in’ whenever they feel like it? Most work on an appointment basis and you will need fit in with their schedule. And of course, you are happy to do so because you respect them because of the value they bring using their skills, knowledge, time and because you have a relationship with them.

Why should your real estate career be any different?

I’ve seen many REALTORS® burn themselves out or sacrifice their family life by acting like pop tart agents. You know those that have no plan and are completely reactive to whatever happens in their day. With one or two exceptions, REALTORS® like this are…

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On a regular basis I receive questions from buyer agents about my listings the answers to which might be self-evident, or simply not that important. The REALTOR® has become a simple messenger not a guide.

I often wonder if their client (or more likely prospective client) has simply thrown this question out there to end a meeting or conversation, with that particular REALTORS® perhaps because they are not ready to buy, or simply because they are not sold on working with that REALTOR®.

What makes me think this is that more often than not, I never hear from that REALTOR® again at least not in the context of that listing. Its almost like the prospective client has thrown up a smoke screen or some ‘star dust’ to cloud the real issue.

Here some…

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As you go through your daily interactions do you see yourself as sales person overcoming objections and persuading people to do things?

Or, do you see yourself more as an expert and advisor helping people to navigate their way through hard choices?

You have probably heard this expression before, “no one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy”.

If you think you are selling. STOP. Become an advisor instead.

How can you do this?

Its easy really. When you first meet or interact with a prospective client, their guard is up. They don’t know you and don’t trust you. For all they know, you could be one of those dreaded salespeople they have heard about.

We have a conflict. You want them as clients. They won’t commit because they don’t…

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I’ve noticed that many newer REALTORS® (and some not so new REALTORS®) struggle to start a conversation, especially with prospective clients. You don’t know anything about them and they don’t know you. They don’t yet trust you and they are indifferent to you.

The FORD system gives you a basic framework to dance around and open-up the conversation. If you ask questions gently and in a friendly non-threatening way, most people will open-up and start to tell you about themselves. They are after all their most favorite subject (study Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends & Influence People).

Now back to FORD. To be able to help and advise people properly you need to know them, you need to have a keen understanding as to why they think what they think and…

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Stuart’s Basic Training Program 2021-2022

A successful career as a REALTOR® starts with foundational knowledge and skills. There’s no escaping this important segment of your career.

Starting in September 2021, I will be offering a short sharp workshop program intended to build the skills of all REALTORS® and potential industry members. Admission is FREE of charge.

Once a month, I will be training and coaching around all manner of subjects including:

  1.     Business Planning for 2022
  2.     100 Ways to Build your Database
  3.     What kind of ‘style or persona’ is right for you?
  4.     How to get Your Buyer Brokerage signed every time
  5.     How to become a better Buyers Agent
  6.     How to become a better Lister
  7.     Do you have any suggestions? Would you like to be invited?

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RECA has a questionnaire that they suggest new members review to assess a brokerage before they join, Here’s the link: RECA Document

In my opinion, its very long winded and with all due respect to our regulator, I think it perhaps takes new members down ‘unnecessary rabbit holes.

However, I have prepared an ‘Ambergate’ response and you can it below.

1. Brokerage Preference of Professionals to Recruit 

Only the best professionals need apply. We look for smart, articulate well rounded individuals with the heart of a servant. No old school used car type salespeople on our team thank you. 

We also like to recruit those with less than 2 years experience in the industry as we have found these individuals are open to being coached and to…

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Are you one of those REALTORS® that embraces technology or resists it?

Are you more comfortable using technology to streamline your working day, or do you prefer to use older technology?

Today I want to discuss Showing Time. Newer REALTORS® seem to be quite comfortable with it. I just wanted to review the pros and cons. Of course, these are subjective and I would welcome your comments and viewpoints.


1. You must learn to use it. Texting or even phoning the listing agent is easier for many.

2. Its owned by Zillow. From a privacy perspective, this is a concern for some. 


1. Its fast. In most cases you are messaging the seller directly and this can lead to a much faster response when compared to texting or calling the…

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I follow the teachings of the folks at Ninja selling. They don’t have a magic bullet as to how to instantly win more clients, but they do provide a lot of information regarding how to conduct yourself. Larry Kendal released a podcast this week and he suggests we use the incoming 5G phenomena as a prompt for governing ourselves. You may be aware that the 5G (5th generation) network is the next big thing in terms of the internet related world.

Here are Larry’s 5G’s. I thought it was good.

Gratitude – Grateful people are nicer to be around. They are calmer and more giving. Do you focus more on what you want over, that which you already have?

Goals – As Larry puts it, goals are the rocket fuel that keeps you going. As an alternative why not think…

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If a real estate investor asked you to advise them on the appropriate selection of residential real estate for purchase, would you know how to approach it? 

The title of this blog paraphrases a line by Steven Covey “begin with the end in mind”.  

I suggest you advise your potential investor client to consider a potential real estate opportunity on three levels.  

Can you think of any others? 

1. How can they add value to the property along the way? 

What can they renovate, improve, or change to increase the intrinsic value of the real estate? 

2. How easily will they be able to liquidate the real estate when the time comes? 

In other words, is there going to be a wide market and plenty…

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