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Ambergate Realty Advisors is based on a team like collaborative culture. We like to partner with team minded REALTORS® and staff members who cherish the opportunity to work better together. As a result our clients receive a better experience and our professionals enjoy a high quality professional and personal life.

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If you can overlook some of the gorier decorations that some folks install, searching for a home during Halloween can be a great time to really learn about a community and the folks that live in it.

Perhaps, the home you have your eye on has lots of decorations? This could signal that the owner is fastidious in other areas of their life like home maintenance. Worth noting.

Driving down the street and noticing how many decorations are in place, or the quality of the work could also suggest the level of commitment your prospective neighbours have to the general wellbeing of the area.

A street with no decorations, suggests an isolated group of people who don’t communicate with each other.

A street awash with complementary decorations that…

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Some of us are chattier than others. Some of us are extraverts and reaching out to strangers and making friends is effortless and fun.

Other people are not quite so outgoing. Its an effort for us to start conversations, especially when we are looking for new clients.

For the introverts out there (although extraverts will love this too) I have a simple suggestion for you to start working on new habit.

Make a point to chat with one new person day.

Simply ask them questions about their life, their work, their family, their hobbies etc.

Listen for change.

Based on the fact that most folks in the Edmonton area move home every 10 years, for every 10 conversations you have, one of them will be interested in moving within the 12 months.

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Should you rent or buy? That depends on your circumstances.

First let’s consider the pros and cons of renting.


  1.        Short term fixed costs. You pay the rent and the landlord worries about the mortgage, maintenance and taxes.
  2.        Low commitment. Most leases run for one year and in some cases two years.
  3.        Easy qualification. Provided you can show income and a enjoy good credit record most landlords will welcome you with open arms.


  1.        Uncertainty. You could be moving in 12 months. If your lease is for only 12 months, the landlord has the option to ask you move out at the end. Moving is considered one of the most stressful things we ever do in life. Do you really want to move that often?
  2.       …

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Are you wondering if The Fall of 2022 would be a good time for your sell your home? Let’s explore 3 reasons why this might be a good move.

1. Sales Prices are Stable

When compared to the previous 2 years single family homes prices are trending 3% up and condo sales prices are trending 2% up.

This might be a good time to withdraw your equity.

2. You Will Soon Face Less Competition

Less motivated home sellers are about the leave the market and give up until next year. It’s been my experience that these ‘home seller retirements’ will take place in waves based on natural events.

When the leaves start to turn.

When we get our first frost

When the snow flies

The first snow fall will be the biggest deterrent. If you come into the…

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 Buying a brand new home or condo has many advantages. It also has several disadvantages. Let me help you work though some of the pros and cons of making the choice to buy a brand new home or not.

First let’s look at the Pros:

  1.     Everything will be brand new and should meet the current building codes.
  2.     You may be able to choose some or all of the specification for your new home.
  3.     Your home will be covered by a warranty for the first 10 years of your homes life in some cases.

Now let’s consider the Cons:

  1.  Your brand new home or condo will be constructed using today’s labour and material costs. Therefore, you should expect to pay more than an equivalent home in the   resale market that was constructed using yesterday’s…

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According to statistics from the REALTORS Association of Edmonton (RAE) only 27% of new industry members are still practicing 2 years after they first start their career. That’s right there a 73% drop out rate.

Based on my research of newer industry members there are 3 key reasons why people succeed.

  1.     They have access to sufficient clients and can onboard them well.
  2.     They make smart choices with respect to whom they align themselves and
  3.     They get the right training and support.

Commencing the first week of September I will be hosting my FREE 6 Week Realtor Bootcamp.

All elements of the work will be examined from preparation, client identification and engagement through to some of the technical elements of the work.

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I was listening to Justin Havre this past week. For those of you who don’t know, Justin is a well-respected member of the Calgary real estate community.

Justin mentioned that one of his team members described the difference between practicing solo, or being on a team like this. 

The team member said:

“Starting your real estate career by yourself is like crossing the road barefoot. You might get there, but it could hurt and take a while. 

Being on a team is like walking across that same road in a comfortable pair of shoes”.

Would you prefer your journey to be a barefoot, or a comfortable shoe experience?

Want More?

Learn on You Tube: Stuart Neal, Edmonton Real Estate Career Coach.

Go to Facebook: Stuart Neal, Edmonton Real…

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I recently conducted a straw poll of prospective clients and friends of our team. I asked a simple question. 

“Just pretending that you were going to buy a home or condo this year what ONE feature must it have?”

I received a wide variety of answers and I have listed some of them below.

  • Dalma & Izabella suggested air conditioning.
  • Harpan mentioned that they would like a nice interior and smart technology.
  • Laureen wants no carpet.
  • JP mentioned a covered deck and all-around screens.
  • Antonio would look for a garage and a yard.
  • Judy & Obama suggested open space.
  • Dede would want lots of light
  • John mentions affordability.

What ONE feature would you look for a in home?

To shop for ALL homes in the metro Edmonton area…

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Now that the market is calming down your clients need you more than ever. This is your time to add value. When the market was busier perhaps they felt they didn’t need to so much.

First, your buyer clients need you to help them sift and sort through the increasing inventory levels.  You might also be able to help them find a listing that is now off the market or stale, representing another opportunity to add value.

And now that market conditions have changed, they will need you to negotiate the right price and help them to avoid paying too much.

Second, your seller clients and prospects also need you. Many sellers are now looing back at the sales stats of April and May when values peaked. You will need to develop your empathy skills, your…

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I follow the teachings of many real estate coaching schools one of which is Ninja Selling, a networking program pioneered by Larry Kendall a broker & trainer based in Ft Collins Colorado.

Recently he presented a video, the message behind which I wanted to share.

When you are presenting the purchase contract to your buyer or seller client, I suggest you highlight the key areas around which the entire contract is based.

And when you send the contract over to the other agent, why not highlight these same key points with suggestions as to why the contract is worthy of strong consideration. Larry reports that one of his agents does this & has enjoyed a 100% acceptance rate in multiple offer situations.

Our standard 6 page AREA (Alberta Real…

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