Many of us REALTORS have a lot of experience when it comes to buying or selling homes. We have a ton of information to share.

Many of us REALTORS® are outgoing and friendly. We like to talk.

Is it a good idea to talk a lot and just share our knowledge in order to educate our prospective clients?

I don’t think so. Here is my suggestion.

Talk less. Listen more. That’s right. Talk less and listen more.

What kind of home your client should buy, or how they should go about it, might seem obvious to you, but it’s not to them.

Most folks in Edmonton move every 10 years. They don’t have the same knowledge or objectivity that you have.

Moving for them is a massive upheaval. The entire family will be off balance and buying home carries a huge amount of financial and emotional risk.

So, what to do?

Slow it down. Do take the time to explain your home search & offer process. My team uses a 10 Step process.

Stay in curiosity mode for much longer than you might think is necessary.

Stay open and ask lots of questions.

Don’t form opinions too soon and if you do, keep them to yourself. Suspend your belief.

See things from your client’s perspective.

If your client makes a comment or shares a belief, test it by repeating what they told you. Reframe it and make sure you understand what they told you. Test the beliefs behind the comment.

Clients don’t care about you, or what you know.

In the end they only care about what they believe is best for themselves.

If you are good at what you do, then you will become a trusted guide and advisor.

If you are not good, then you might be regarded as not much more than a door opener and even worse, a ‘salesperson’ they simply have to endure.

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