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Buying a home can be risky from a financial and emotional point of view. Our educational blogs are intended sure to make your experience and home buying journey is enjoyable plus rewarding...

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Finding your next home is most often a tactile experience, i.e. you will want to visit most homes to ‘try it on for size’. In normal times this is easily achieved by setting up a showing or going to an Open House. Alas we no longer live in normal times and until the Corona virus scare is over you will have to be a little more creative.

Here are some suggestions for you:

1. Forget About Open Houses

Your families health is paramount. Most industry advisories are stating a complete moratorium until further notice.

2. Look for the BEST Quality Photos You Can

Try to focus on homes that offer you professional photos. This will allow to you to select only the most suitable homes without having to visit.

3.  Look for a Virtual Tour / 3 D

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Understandably many of us may consider that trying to buy a home in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic would be an unwise move. Whilst I acknowledge that this crisis is real. It must also be kept in perspective. Does anyone remember the SARS outbreak in 2003? Or perhaps H1N1 in 2009? Both were considered to be pandemics and yet they had little effect on our home buying market.

As of Monday March 17th, the death toll from the Coronavirus in Canada was 4 people, according to the National Post.

Based on an article in the National Post, more than 12,000 people go to hospital with the common flue and 3,500 die in Canada every year. And yet we don’t panic about that.

If you are considering buying a home in 2020, this might be the time to do

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You’ve seen those signs. They are placed on street corners and on someone’s front yard most weekends, especially during the weekends. But have you ever stopped your car and ventured in? 

Here are 5 good reasons why next time you should: 

1. It’s Fun & Low Pressure 

There’s never any obligation. Inside the home and particularly at our Open Houses, you will find a friendly, chatty and knowledgeable REALTOR® that is looking forward to answering all your questions. And who doesn’t like looking at homes? 

2. Great Way to Get Design Ideas 

Perhaps you are not quite ready to buy. In the meantime, you can use your Open House experience to get some design and decorating ideas for when you are. 

3. Great

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4 Reasons to Buy a Home in January Ambergate Realty Advisors

Don’t be like most home buyers and wait until the Spring. If you think outside of the box you may benefit in a number of ways. Heres why:

1.  Less Competition

How would you feel if you wait until Spring to find your dream home only to have it snatched away by a competing buyer? Don’t believe all that you hear about our market. The best homes still get snatched up quickly and with multiple offers. Consider being one of the fewer buyers looking now or wait until Spring and join the crowd.

If you buy a home now you will enjoy the strong possibility of being the only buyer negotiating. This gives you leverage you will not enjoy in the Spring.

2.  Lower Prices

Sales prices tend to track lower during January and February. The quickly escalate

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Are you looking for a perfect home? You know that one that ticks all of your boxes and is 100% perfect in every way.

I have to break it to you. You won’t find it. Over the years we have helped hundreds of buyers find their homes and not one found the perfect home.

So how close can you get?

Why not consider the concept of the 85% house. It’s got most of what you want but not everything. It approaches your ideal but cut yourself (and the house) some slack.

If you can get close, be flexible. Let some things go. Buy the home, move in and enjoy!

To see ALL homes for sale in real time go to this link:

About the author:

You can read more about the author of this blog by clicking this link – Stuart Neal Broker Owner &

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5 Reasons to Buy Your Home in October

Do you want to buy a home? Are you afraid that you have waited too long? Don’t despair. For many home buyers this is the perfect time. Let’s discuss why.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy now:

1.  There is lots of homes for sale

Based on last year around 2000 home buyers will purchase before the end of the year. Will you be one of them?

2.  Less competition

Many home buyers are starting to give up. If you shop for a home you will face much less competition.

3. You might get a discount

If you can find a home seller that has languished on the market all summer this might be the time to ask them for a big discount. Their choice might be to give up until next year or to allow you to buy it.

4.  You could be home by Christmas

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If you have been thinking about buying a home in the metro Edmonton area this could be the time to do it.

Here are 5 reasons why you might want to buy a home soon:

1.  New lending rules

Starting September 2nd, the federal government is launching a new program designed to encourage first time home buyers to enter the market (First Time Home Buyer Incentive see details here). Essentially the government is going to partner with new home buyers to help them create a down payment. This program applies to buyers with a joint income of less than $120,000 a year. In the metro Edmonton market this applies to most of us.

If you choose to use this program your budget has just increased considerably meaning you could buy a much nicer home.


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If you have been sitting on the fence about purchasing a home, this could be the time to get off it. Here’s why:

1.  Its Cream Puff Season!

In our industry we sometimes refer to the very nicest homes as “cream puffs”. When do you think the nicest homes come up for sale? Right about now. Put yourself into the shoes of a seller. If you had the nicest home in the neighbourhood, when will it show best? Typically, between the months of May and August is when homes look best. There is lots of natural light and the yard will look amazing. As a seller, when do most buyers pick their next home? Between May and July is when many homes are sold in the Edmonton area. If you have been looking for that ‘cream puff’ home, you had better start shopping soon.

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To ensure that your home buying process is as stress free and enjoyable as possible, we hand pick our preferred service providers.

You would be wise to get your future home inspected by a competent professional before you finally sign off on the contract.

Please consider using Joe Yaretz. Joe has completed many satisfactory home inspections for our clients. Our clients really seem to appreciate his thorough friendly approach. Joe will go out of his way to provide you with a solid understanding of what you are buying, but without scaring you away.

To contact Joe please click on this link: Joe Yaretz – Licensed Inspector

If you are wondering why hiring an inspector is recommended please click on this link: 3 Reasons to Use an Inspector

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Getting access to listing information is easy these days. A quick Google search and you have found a website that will give you access to almost all of the condo and house listings in the metro Edmonton area. And if you set up a search, you will get new listings pouring into your email box several times a day. 

So Why Is This a Problem?

Everyone can get this information. So what? You might be asking. Why is this a problem? The problem is that you will be competing against all the other buyers out there. Rarely do sellers put their homes on the market at under market value. And if they do, what happens? You will have to act quickly and will almost always be in a multiple offer situation. Your chances of purchasing at a discount are slim.


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