Perhaps you have been finding that cleaning the house is just too much, or that the yard work just gets away from you? Maybe you find that your home is simply too big these days?

Before you even consider moving away from your cherished home, why not consider the alternatives first?

1. Hire a Cleaner

There’s no rule that states that you must do the house cleaning yourself. If you can afford it, why not have someone come in and spruce up the place once a week? It might also give you something to look forward to i.e. a friendly face coming into your home to chat with and perhaps even enjoy a coffee with.2.

2.  Hire a Yard Work Team

In the United Kingdom where I’m originally from we call these folks ‘gardeners’. Yard work here in the Edmonton area can be back breaking work. For six months of the year nothing grows. But when it does from May to October things grow fast and those weeds wont waste any time in pushing up through the lawn or flower beds. Hiring a team of yard workers to cut the grass and keep things neat and in control might be a good idea.

3. Consider Downsizing Inside Your Existing Home

Perhaps you don’t use all of the space inside your home anymore? Perhaps you shouldn’t even try. Why not start decluttering and getting rid of items and furniture you no longer need? Why not start living in fewer rooms?

Would you consider a stair lift to help you get to bed? Living this way for a few years may be an elegant and affordable solution.

If you need some advice on redesigning your existing living space, we know a few consultants that can help with this. Please give us a call. We would be most pleased to help you.

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