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3 Things We Like About Cantiro Homes

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Established back in 1995 as Beaverbrook, the firm Cantiro Homes that we know today was born as the product of an amalgamation of several other firms back in 2020.

The firms formally known as the Beaverbrook Group of Companies (Dolce Vita, MODA, InHouse, Beaverbrook Communities, Beaverbrook Commercial) came together under a new brand.

The 3 things that we like the most about Cantiro Homes is as follows:

1. Self-Guided Home Tours

Self-guided programs are being offered by several builders in the Edmonton area including Cantiro Homes and I suspect it won’t be long before this is the ‘norm’. So, what does this mean and how does it work? In times gone by, the only way you could access a model home was to…

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3 Things We Like About Landmark Homes

Landmark Homes was founded by Reza Nasseri a new Canadian back in 1977. In the 47 years since Landmark Homes was founded, the company has built over 20,000 homes.

Committed to offering customers the highest quality and the best value, Landmark has strived to be at the forefront of market trends and building systems. Landmark is building many home components off site, in a controlled environment to ensure quality and cost effectiveness. Many Landmark homes are ‘net zero’ and at the same time affordable for many modern home buyers.

The 3 things that we like the most about Landmark Homes are:

1. Homes Available for Quick Possession

At the time of writing, Landmark Homes was offering over 30 homes for…

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3 Things We Like About City Homes

City Homes is a division of the family owned Tacada real estate company with strong Alberta roots. Other Tacada brands that operate in the local market include Daytona Homes, Accent Infills and Carriage Signature Homes.

We especially love the mission of City Homes. Tally Hutchinson, the CEO and son of the founder Ralph Hutchinson puts it this way. “We enable the memories that only shelter, safety and stability can bring. We can never take for granted the immense impact of what we do every day.”

City homes is a volume builder competing in the mid-priced market tier. We have found that that their homes might appeal to first-time home buyers, young families, successful professional people and perhaps even…

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3 Things We Like About Sterling Homes

Sterling Homes is a division of the large Qualico corporation with roots in Winnipeg. Other Qualico brands that operate in the Edmonton market include Pacesetter and Streetside.

Sterling homes is a volume builder competing in the mid-priced market tier. We have found that that their homes appeal to first-time buyers, young families, and perhaps even downsizers.

The 3 things that we like the most about Sterling Homes are as follows:

1. A wide choice of communities

A quick look at the Sterling communities map (click this link) confirms that you can choose to live in any quadrant of the city. You might also choose to go out to Spruce Grove / Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan or Beaumont.

2. Are you in…

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4 Reasons to Make Edmonton Your Home in 2024

Edmonton, Alberta, offers a variety of attractions and qualities that make it an appealing place to live. Here are four great reasons to consider living in Edmonton:

Economic Opportunities:

Edmonton is known for its robust economy, driven by industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. The city is a hub for business and innovation, providing numerous job opportunities and career growth potential. The thriving economy contributes to a relatively high standard of living for residents.

Cultural and Recreational Amenities:

Edmonton boasts a vibrant cultural scene with numerous festivals, events, and attractions. The city is home to the West Edmonton Mall, one of the…

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4 Reasons to Consider Buying a Brand New Home in 2024

Should you buy a home that already exists, or should you buy a brand new home?

Here are 4 reasons why a new home might be the best choice.

1. Customization

New homes often offer more options for customization. Buyers can choose layouts, finishes, and even some architectural elements to suit their preferences.

2. Energy Efficiency

New homes tend to be built with modern energy-efficient materials and technology, leading to lower utility bills and a reduced environmental impact.

3. Modern Amenities

They often come equipped with the latest amenities and technology, such as smart home features, updated appliances, and efficient heating/cooling systems.

4. Warranty and…

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3 Reasons Why Waiting to Buy Your Home in the Spring Could be a Huge Mistake

Most of us would prefer not to move home when it’s cold and snowy. Some buyers have told us they want to delay their move until the Spring. That decision could be a HUGE mistake.

  1.            Interest Rates Are Not Going Down

The Bank of Canada intends to reduce interest rates IF it can. Most experts agree that if interest rates are lowered it will not be by very much. There is also the possibility they will go UP before they come down. If you can afford to buy a home you like at today’s interest rate, why not just buy it?

  1.                You May Miss Out to Other Buyers

Want to wait for that ‘cream-puff’ home that will be listed in the spring? Line up.…

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In the Edmonton area condos are extremely undervalued when compared to single family homes. Single family home sales values have long recovered from the last crash in 2008. Condominiums have not, making them a bargain in comparison. There are also some advantages to consider.

  1.        Lower Maintenance and Repairs:

Condos typically require less maintenance and upkeep compared to single-family homes. Many maintenance tasks, such as lawn care, exterior painting, and roof repairs, are often the responsibility of the condo association. This can free up your time and reduce the financial burden of major repairs, as the costs are shared among condo owners through association fees. In contrast, single-family homeowners are solely responsible for all…

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3 Reasons to Buy a Home Now Before Christmas 2023

Here are three reasons to consider buying a home in the Edmonton area right now

 Increased Supply

The Edmonton housing market has seen an increase in housing supply recently. This provides you with more options & a better chance of finding a home that fits your needs.

Price Moderation: Prices often moderate during the winter months in Edmonton. With lower demand, you may have the opportunity to purchase a home at a more affordable price.

Reduced Buyer Competition: Winter typically sees fewer homebuyers in the market. This means less competition & a smoother, less stressful home-buying experience.

Remember to consult with a local REALTOR® for the most accurate & up-to-date information…

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What You Need to Know About the Emotional Roller Coaster When You Buy a Home

Buying a home can be an emotional roller coaster. It's a significant life event that involves a mix of excitement, stress, & uncertainty. Here's what you need to know about the emotional journey of buying a home:

  1. Excitement:
    • Anticipation: Initially, you'll likely feel excited about the prospect of owning your own home. You may envision your future life in the new space, decorating it, & making it your own.
  1. Anxiety & Stress:
    • Financial Concerns: The financial aspects of buying a home can be stressful. You'll need to secure a mortgage, make a substantial down payment, & have your closing costs covered.
    • Competitive Market: In a competitive…

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