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Marketing a home to potential buyers is most often a tactile experience i.e. potential buyers want to come into the home and ‘try it on for size’. In normal times this is easily achieved by setting up a showing or advertising an Open House and inviting literally everyone in. Alas we no longer live in normal times and until the Corona virus scare is over you will have to be a little more creative.

Here are some suggestions for you:

1. No Open Houses

Your families health is paramount. Open Houses make it virtually impossible to control who comes into your home. Most industry advisories are stating a complete moratorium until further notice.

2. Use the BEST Quality Photos You Can

Pick your REALTOR® carefully. Discount REALTORS® and Purple

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Understandably many of us may consider that trying to sell a home in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic would be an unwise move. Whilst I acknowledge that this crisis is real. It must also be kept in perspective. Does anyone remember the SARS outbreak in 2003? Or perhaps H1N1 in 2009? Both were considered to be pandemics and yet they had little effect on our home selling market. According to this article in the National Post, more than 12,000 people go to hospital with the common flue and 3,500 die in Canada every year. And yet we don’t panic about that.

If you are considering making a move this might be the time to do it.

Here’s why:

1.  Only most motivated home buyers will be active

These are the folks that need a new home and need

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Many people start their home buying process backwards. That is, they start looking at homes they may buy BEFORE they have sold their existing home. This is a BIG MISTAKE unless you fall into one of the following categories:

  1.     You can afford to own both homes for a period of time.
  2.     You are looking for a home that is so unusual or overpriced, that the seller will be grateful for your interest and be willing to work with you. In exchange for a full price, they will wait until you sell your existing home, before you follow through and buy their home.

I’m going to share some tough love with you!

In most circumstances you would be well advised to sell your home first and here’s why:

1. You Have Nothing to Offer a Seller


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Thinking of selling your home, but want to wait until Spring? We urge you to think again…

1. Demand is Constant

You might be thinking that nobody wants to a buy a home during the cold winter months here in metro Edmonton. If you think this, you would be mistaken. For example, based on the sales stats for the winter of 2018 and 2019 more than 2000 homes will sell across metro Edmonton between December 1st through to the end of February.

You must never forget that ‘life’ happens to real estate. People marry, divorce, have children or simply get jobs in other places. There is ALWAYS people wanting to purchase a good quality home. Is your home market ready? Go to our blog and learn about the 8 Keys of Home Selling Success to find out.

2. You

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In a crowded market like ours here in Edmonton, setting yourself apart from sometimes hundreds of other competing home or condo sellers may be your ticket to success.

We have a home stager on our team Jill Turgeon and she often has a pretty hard job convincing home sellers to pay for her services.


Many home sellers in our Edmonton market have spent years getting their place “just so” and they cannot see why a buyer would not want to purchase it just as it is. And secondly it might be because it requires a cash investment that some less motivated sellers wish to avoid.

Which outcome is worse?

Investing money to sell the house for full market value with low stress, or

Not selling at all?

Most serious home sellers would agree

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Don’t fall into the trap of complacency. At this time of the year, hundreds of home sellers witness outstanding success and sell for full market value.

Based on last year’s market statistics (this year is very similar) almost 1600 homes will sell across metro Edmonton between November 1st and December 31st 2019. Average days on market will be around 69 days. For an overview of the market across the year, please click on this link to see the detail: Edmonton Market Report

Here’s why you could do well:

  1. Reduced competition. Many sellers just give up until Spring. Buyers who are looking now are motivated. They might pay you a premium price, if they can move in quickly.
  2. Home values often go up. Based on last year’s statistics house selling
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4 Smart Ways to Sell Your Home during Halloween

In our market, i.e. metro Edmonton Alberta, many people just love Halloween. Perhaps it’s a family tradition? You put up those inflatable spiders, ghouls or Frankenstein like monsters on your front lawn. You festoon your windows with “Witch” shaped stickers and some of your tricks make a loud noise.

It’s fun, isn’t it?

What if we told you that these most of these things could hurt your chances of selling your home?

Our advice?

  1. Avoid obstructing the view of the home, making it scary or associating it with death, (picture those tombstones that some folks install). These things just give the wrong impression.

  2. Avoid placing stickers on windows that block out light. We suggest you avoid these completely.

So, if your

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Do you want to sell your home? Are you afraid that you have waited too long? Don’t despair. For many home sellers this is the perfect time to sell and get top dollar. Let’s discuss why.


Here are 5 reasons why you should sell now:

1. The market is strong

Based on last year’s numbers, almost 2300 homes and condos will sell before December 31st, 2019, (excluding other areas like Sherwood Park and St Albert). This represents around 20% of ALL homes and condos sold during the entire year.

2. Less competition

October is when many home sellers leave the market. The change in leaf colour, the first frost, the first snow fall. These are stimuli that make many sellers give up until Spring. If you have your home for sale now, you will have

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In August, Edmonton homes sales prices increased to a level ABOVE last year.

Average sales prices in August 2019 was $372,761 compared to $371,381 in 2018 and $375,099 in 2017.

Is this the start of a longer-term trend? Its possible. Excess inventory that plagued our market for some time has disappeared.

September is an excellent month to put a home on the market. Read this blog post for more encouraging information: 5 Reasons You Should Sell Your Home in September

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1.  Your REALTOR®is going to do the same amount of work

Assuming you pick a REALTOR® that uses a rigorous process to market and sell your home, they are going to spend about the same amount of time and money to promote your home compared to other clients. If your home is selling for a higher value than most homes in your market, why should you pay a percentage and therefore MORE than other home sellers?

2.  It’s a conflict of interest

In most cases a traditional percentage-based REALTOR® will offer half of their commission to buyers REALTORS®. This is a clear conflict of interest. The buyers REALTOR® works for the buyer. If the buyer’s agent demands to be paid a percentage you would be wise to question the ethics of the situation. What this

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