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If you are considering downsizing, our Downzisers Information Centre may help you. Please scroll through some of the articles to find what you need. If you need more information, you are welcome to contact our broker owner, Stuart Neal. He specializes in helping downsizers & would be pleased to help you navigate through all your choices. You can contact Stuart Neal by clicking on THIS LINK



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Many of our clients are downsizers. One of the options that we suggest to our clients as they seek to simplify their lives, leave home maintenance behind and in some cases reduce costs, is to move into a condominium and to sell their single-family home.

One of the interesting phenomena I have noticed is the aversion that many clients have to selecting a ground floor condo unit. The overriding fear seems to be that ground floor condo units are more susceptible to crime and in particular burglary. I have never seen any evidence that this fear is grounded in reality. For sure some areas of Edmonton, St Albert and Sherwood Park may be more prone to crime than others and its possible to review crime stats by area online. It’s a good idea to compare

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Many of our clients are downsizers. If you have lived in your home for many years, there is a very strong possibility that you will find the process of downsizing, selling off surplus household items and going through the home selling process stressful and overwhelming. However, if you assemble a team of competent professionals to assist you with each step, it should go a whole lot easier and before you know it, you will be relaxing in your home and enjoying life once again. Please consider the following steps.

1.  Stop Calling It Home

Let go of your former home. The first red flag when I’m talking to a potential selling client is how they refer to their current address. If they refer to it as ‘home’ too often we have some work to do. For best

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If you have lived in your home for several decades, the thought of selling and downsizing into a smaller more suitable home can be daunting.

Like most things in life it helps if you can break the problem down into manageable pieces. It also helps if you can start to sort your material possessions into those things that you must keep for practical and emotional reasons, which possessions you could do without, or no longer need etc.

However, trying to do this alone can be emotionally draining and time consuming. Some folks we know never got around to it and subsequently were not successful in downsizing ever. Why not get some help?

Lynn Neufeld has helped many people who are downsizing with the orderly disposal of possessions, de cluttering and

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If you are aged 50 or over, you might be thinking about where you want to make your home as you age. For many people, where they live at 65 years of age is where they settle, for as long as they can live independently. Does this sound like your plan?

However, we see many people make a number of choices between the ages of 50 and 65 years of age. Here are some scenarios:

Stay Put

Perhaps your existing home is just right. For most people thinking longer term, this means few stairs, a master bedroom on the main floor and not too big. If your existing home meets your basic criteria and can be modified as you age, we suggest you don’t move. Here’s a link you may find helpful: 3 Ways to Stay in Your Home

Move Up

If finances allow, we see some

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A Poem for Downsizers

The process of downsizing can be an exciting time. It can also be a time for contemplation and worry about what lies ahead. John Tidridge has written a series of poems that describe his feelings and thoughts as Maureen and he go through the moving process.


Years ago, it would seem, we came across Griesbach

Army Barracks all trim and green,

Canadian army;

An accident occurs, on base, an army base.

I am sent and there meet a young police officer, RCMP.

I am an experienced City Officer, out of my jurisdiction.

He is young, I help him out, that’s what we do.

It’s Griesbach.

Jurisdictions change and now the camp is ‘City’.

I am sent on a call, not easy to forget.

A young man has

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Stuart Neal is the most senior member of the Ambergate Realty Advisors team. Over the last few years he has noticed many of his clients are older people considering downsizing. Because consumers have many choices, specialist knowledge is required.

Stuart has recently earned the only formal qualification available to REALORS® who serve downsizers. The Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation requires many hours of study and demonstrates that Stuart understands and is ready to provide guidance as you consider all of your options including: aging in place, selling, buying, renting, relocating, or refinancing residential and investment properties. By earning the SRES® designation, Stuart has proven he is prepared to approach your unique

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The process of downsizing can be an exciting time. It can also be a time for contemplation and worry about what lies ahead. John Tidridge wrote this wonderful poem to describe his initial feelings and thoughts as Maureen and he contemplate the next stage of their lives. 


To Stuart B I say ‘Attention’

About things I aforementioned...

We are going to downsize!


Our present home has been just right,

In fact, it’s quite a pretty site...

We are going to downsize!


We have raised four kids,

From who very little is hid...

We are going to downsize!


A deposit we have already placed...

It’s a lot of money to be replaced...

We are going to downsize!


The new place is all brand

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Have you reached that stage in life where it makes sense to sell your family home and move into a condo?

Perhaps you want to wait a bit longer?

Based on a set of unique circumstances you might want to look at a move right now. Why?

1.  In metro Edmonton, single family homes are selling for 1% MORE than this time last year. And in the last 3 months of the year home sales values go UP.

2.  In metro Edmonton, condo sales values are 4% DOWN when compared to this time last year and there is a ton of choice.

So, there you have it. This is your opportunity!

Sell your family home for full market value.

Buy a condo and get a BIG DISCOUNT.

To view a selection of ALL condos available for downsizers click on this link: Condos for

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Perhaps you have been finding that cleaning the house is just too much, or that the yard work just gets away from you? Maybe you find that your home is simply too big these days?

Before you even consider moving away from your cherished home, why not consider the alternatives first?

1. Hire a Cleaner

There’s no rule that states that you must do the house cleaning yourself. If you can afford it, why not have someone come in and spruce up the place once a week? It might also give you something to look forward to i.e. a friendly face coming into your home to chat with and perhaps even enjoy a coffee with.2.

2.  Hire a Yard Work Team

In the United Kingdom where I’m originally from we call these folks ‘gardeners’. Yard work here in the

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