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One Way to Add Value to Your Home in Under an Hour

If you or someone you know is thinking about selling a home or investment property, the thought of preparing it can be daunting. Here is one simple fix that has many benefits during that crucial first 5 seconds when a potential buyer visits your home.

You can read more here: The First 5 Seconds.

Washing and painting your front door can take less than an hour. And it brings so many benefits.

A clean, freshly painted front door is important because it:

  1.      Creates a positive first impression.
  2.      Enhances curb appeal.
  3.      Increases perceived value.
  4.      Establishes an emotional connection.
  5.      Signals good maintenance.
  6.      Provides a competitive advantage.
  7.     …

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Should you downsize?

With rising costs, inflation, & uncertainty, many homeowners want to downsize.

Downsizing your home will lower your living costs, power, maintenance, yard work, taxes, insurance, & much more.

Downsizing not only reduces your monthly expenses but it frees up time. It takes half the time to clean a 1500 sq. ft. house; then it does a 3000 sq. ft. house. It takes half the time to mow a half-acre than it does an acre.

So, many people are real estate rich & bank account poor.

I'm seeing our clients list & sell their homes & downsize into a better-suited home. Many of them make so much money on the sale, they buy with cash.

In many cases, they find a place that is newer, nicer, & better quality than the one they have &…

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Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Therese Sheen one of the Retirement Living Consultants at Chartwell Emerald Hills Sherwood Park.

This is what I learned.

The building that she described as ‘the house’ is newer and it was completed in November 2019. It would certainly make for a sturdy home, being constructed of concrete of steel and actually comprises of 2 buildings joined by a ‘bridge’ incorporated into the overall structure. Concrete and steel is widely considered ‘premium’ for communal living, as it tends to be the quietest.

The complex offers several levels of care. Specifically:

1. Memory Care – for those with symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s,

2. Assisted living

3. Independent Supported Living and

4. Independent…

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5 Star Google Review

We are pleased to recommend Ambergate Realty Advisors, and Stuart Neal for a remarkable Real Estate experience. After 50 years in our home, we wanted to downsize to a more relaxed lifestyle. In this very tough buyers market, Stuart helped us get a higher price than we had originally expected for which we are truly grateful. Stuart helped us to remain calm and always tried to help us have a positive outlook. We also appreciate the lower flat rate fee which has to be a factor for all home sellers in the current real estate market.

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After 50 years in our home we decided to downsize & we put our faith and trust with Ambergate. We started working with a Stevi Lashley who helped us find our condo in…

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Are you like many Albertans that dream of living somewhere else after retirement? Popular destinations include the Okanagan, Vancouver Island, the Sunshine coast or perhaps Arizona. Where else do Albertans like to go?

Before you leap it might be a good idea to look at the bigger picture and consider what such a move would actually mean to many facets of your life. For example.

1.  Consider the cost of living. Food, heating and water plus the cost of accommodation might cost you more or less than your current situation. If it costs less it could be a no brainer. What if it costs more? Can you afford to live in a more expensive area?

2.  Consider your quality of life. Many people want to enjoy mild winters, sea air and perhaps a view. All good…

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DOWNSIZING NUMBER 999 or so: The saga continues. Downsizing is an ongoing, if sometimes sad, exercise: the six foot tall Christmas tree has been downsized to a four-footer; it will be interesting to see how ‘those chosen to help decorate, in the form of up to six females’, will handle the smaller tree! It will prove to be interesting. A granddaughter and her husband have latched on to the clothes horse ...read treadmill, in the basement. It should be gone soon.

As an aside, one would think there would be dozens of takers for a [free] treadmill among family and youth oriented organizations...not so... telephone calls made, emails were sent to all and sundry...so we were grateful when our granddaughter stepped up to the plate....the treadmill was…

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It seems now that I have one, every other vehicle has that familiar handicap sticker hanging from its rear-view mirror stem! And now every handicap parking spot seems to be full. Just kidding; everything is normal. 

What a great idea it is, this recognizing the fact some of us are just not as nimble as we once were, or, perhaps it’s our partner, in that unfortunate state.

It is almost a worldwide offering to handicapped persons. Canada, USA, UK, Europe and Oceania are some of the countries on board. Regulations vary from country to country, but the emblem [shown above] is pretty constant. Penalties also vary. In the UK a £1000.00 [$1700.00] fine can be levied for abusing the usage of the handicap offering. 

Here in Edmonton, Canada the…

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2 Ways To Downsize

There is essentially 2 ways to downsize. Spatial and Financial. Sometimes it might be a combination of both. Sometimes people downsize spatially and upsize financially.

Spatial downsizing is easily the most popular choice many of our clients make. After rattling around in the former family home for a few years it makes sense to move into something smaller. The upside to this move is of course less time spent cleaning. The downside is that this sometimes means less personal space for couples in particular.

Financial downsizing means simply reducing overhead. A smaller space often means lower heating bills, fewer maintenance bills and in some cases lower property taxes.

What Do Your Spatial Options Look Like?

To achieve a spatial downsize…

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According to one study in the United States more than 90% of older folks would prefer to stay in their home as they age. And this is perfectly understandable. However, fewer people actually do the research to confirm that the home can be adapted to suit or that they can afford the make the changes, maintain the home and perhaps buy in special services when required.

Here some ideas you may wish to consider:

  1. Is the home suitable? Are you near key services for example healthcare, public transportation or shopping? What about the stairs? Is the home in a good state of repair? Can you clear the snow and do the yard work?

  2. Bathroom. Can you still use the tub? Do you need to install a walk-in tub or shower? Can you add support rails…

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Whilst many of our clients face the need to downsize, I would estimate that probably more people push away the decision for as long as they can and some cases forever. If I had a dollar for every senior that said to me “I’m never moving. They can carry me out in a box” I would be a very rich man.

1.  Deterioration of Health

Many physical issues for example breaking a hip (very common) after a fall can be sudden. So can a heart attack or a stroke. Other issues like arthritis and rheumatism can develop over time. Most mind-based issues such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease creep up on a person until one day that person can no longer live in their home.

2.  Too Many Things to Worry About

Perhaps all it takes is one big snow fall and you no…

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