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The Chappelle area was established in 2008 & is situated in the south west quadrant of Edmonton. There are many new homes to choose from, many of which require to wait several months, whilst they are built. This home is ready to move into & could be perfect for your Christmas 2020. Click here to see the details: Ambergate Exclusive Chappelle Home for Sale. 

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Meyonohk is situated in the south east quadrant of Edmonton is known to be family friendly and affordable. In Cree, the name means ‘ideal spot. 

We are pleased to offer this home for sale. Click here to read the details: Ambergate Realty Exclusive Listing. 

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Parkallen is a favourite community of University of Alberta personnel or anyone that likes to live in the city plugged in as it is to all kinds of urban services and opportunities. Click this link to learn about this exclusive listing: For Sale 62131 112a St NW Edmonton. 

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Highlands continues to be one the most sought-after mature communities in which to live. We are pleased to present this well price ‘chocolate box’ home for sale. Click here to see the details: Highlands Home for Sale Presented by Ambergate Realty Advisors. 

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Breckenridge Greens in southwest Edmonton is a popular community to live. Close to a well-known golf course in Lewis Estates & lots of family-oriented facilities including shops, schools & recreation we are pleased to present this well priced home for sale. 

To see the details please click on this link: 604 Bevington Place NW Edmonton. 

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Minchau is a wonderful family friendly community. Bordering on the ravine and close to all the facilities most of us need, including schools, shopping and recreational facilities. We are pleased to offer this exclusive home for sale. Click here to get the details. 

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Lauderdale is emerging as one of Edmonton’s best kept secrets. Leafy streets and its proximity to downtown Edmonton make this area especially attractive for professionals who work downtown and the lower prices appeal to families. When the LRT system eventually makes its way through the community this community will really hit its stride. 

To see the details for this our exclusive listing please click here: Ambergate Exclusive Listing. 

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Lago Lindo situated to the north side of Edmonton is popular with first time buyers, families and downsizers alike. We are pleased to present this exclusive listing price to sell: Ambergate Realty Advisors Listing. 

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Situated to directly south of the University of Alberta, Queen Alexandra is one of the older communities that was once part of Strathcona. 

Today you will find lots of older homes like this one we are presenting for sale at attractive prices, but infill has become a major feature driving up average sales prices. 

Buyers moving into this area are likely to witness some healthy uplift in values as infill continues to change the nature of the neighbourhood. 

To get details on our listing please click here: Ambergate Realty Home for Sale

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