As you go through your daily interactions do you see yourself as sales person overcoming objections and persuading people to do things?

Or, do you see yourself more as an expert and advisor helping people to navigate their way through hard choices?

You have probably heard this expression before, “no one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy”.

If you think you are selling. STOP. Become an advisor instead.

How can you do this?

Its easy really. When you first meet or interact with a prospective client, their guard is up. They don’t know you and don’t trust you. For all they know, you could be one of those dreaded salespeople they have heard about.

We have a conflict. You want them as clients. They won’t commit because they don’t know you, are indifferent to you and don’t know if they can trust you. Why would they commit?

How will you change this? Give value!!!!!!

You can give value by offering:


market information,

negotiation tips,

opinions of value,

stories about past client experiences,

You can give anything that will add value to that particular client.

How will you know what you to offer?

Ask great questions.

Ask questions that they are going to know the answer to, as this will give them confidence in you and opens up their brain to ‘prior learning’ experiences.

Don’t know what to ask? Try using the FORD system:

F is for family

O is for occupation

R is for recreation and spare time activities

D is for dreams and aspirations

Here’s a link to a blog I wrote recently about the FORD system. And here is a link to a video if you prefer FORD has the Answer.

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