In his easily read book The Dip, Seth Godin suggests that quitting for the right reasons is a good thing. If you are just about to become a REALTOR® or if you are still building your career you will experience The Dip. It’s easy to recognize. After experiencing some early success due in part to good luck and extremely hard work, your results and motivation will drop off.

Seth talks about 3 scenarios as to how people deal with The Dip.

  1. People who are making a mature balanced decision will look at the odds of success (25% in your first 2 years) and declare, “This is not what I’m passionate about. I’ll pass thank you”.
  2. Other people will say “This IS what I’m passionate about. I’m going to lean into this and persevere until I have moved through The Dip, up the hill and onto success.
  3. And yet other people when they come up against The Dip will say “This is so hard. Much harder than I thought it would be. I’m just going to give up and try something else”. This is the most common choice and it typically happens right at the bottom of The Dip.

So how might you get through your Dip?

First decide if a REALTOR® career is what you are passionate about.

Second decide if your current broker or brokerage, can give you the support you need

Third find someone, a team, or perhaps another broker than can help you climb out of The Dip.

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