Perhaps like many people this year you have tried to sell your Edmonton area home and not been successful? It’s time to dispel a couple of myths:

1. It’s not always about your price being too high. Buyers will use your asking price to decide a couple of things. First - will they put your home on their shopping list? And second - does your price stack up against your competition? However, price alone will not dictate the outcome.

2. You need more than just an MLS® listing. Too many consumers think that Realtors® are commodities and that either any Realtor® will do, or that they are guaranteed to be successful in selling provided they are listed on the MLS® System. Not true!

In 2016 about 50% of listings put onto the MLS system have FAILED to sell.

Price aside here is a short list of the other components that you must consider if you are going to be successful:

Your Motivation - Unless you have a clear objective for after you have sold your current home, you will almost certainly get your secret desire, ie you WILL NOT be successful. Selling a home can be time-consuming and emotionally exhausting. If you are not highly motivated don’t do it.

Your Preparation - Want top dollar? Then think of yourself as a retailer. For a short list of items to prepare before you show your home click here.

Your Competition - It’s tempting to think that your home is unique. That’s rarely true. The fundamental purpose of a home is to provide shelter. In a large market like metro Edmonton, there is always lots of choices.

Your Timing - Have you been offering, 30, 45, 60 or even 90 days possession? This kind of behavior sends the wrong signal to the market. It suggests to buyers that you are not motivated to do business. For best results offer IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. You will attract the best-qualified buyers if you do.

Your Terms - Include your appliances and window coverings. Almost every other seller out there will, so you should also.

Your Willingness to Work with Realtors - When we sell a client’s home, we market directly to the public and try to eliminate other Realtors® whenever possible. This gives us more control and we can pass on significant fee savings. However, most buyers choose to be represented by a Realtor®. And that Realtor® will almost certainly build their fee into the transaction. Do you have to pay a so-called “full” commission? Not anymore. A respectful flat fee (lower than a traditional commission) will usually ensure that other Realtors® cooperate.

Your Marketing Partner - Did you know that there are layers in the market? We describe them as Sub Wholesale, Wholesale and Retail. If you want top dollar, then you must retail your home. Click here to learn more.

Want more information about our discount and flat fee home selling programs? Please feel free to call our broker-owner Stuart Neal.

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